Gāyo Fitness Academy: Inspiring People to Positively Influence the Quality of Life
Gāyo Fitness Academy

In today’s age, health and fitness have gained prominence. People are increasingly practicing yoga and are carrying out other exercises. This has, in turn, led to the rise of health clubs, fitness centres, and gymnasiums. As a result, we can witness substantial growth in the fitness industry, which is expected to continue in the times to come. There has also been growth in gym chains, premium functional fitness, and so on.

However, in order to guide the fitness enthusiasts properly, fitness chains require able professionals such as gym and group instructors, personal trainers, fitness service coordinators, and so on. This is where the leading sports and fitness providers step in. They provide excellent infrastructure, including equipment, location and layout, constant assistance from trainers, and a lot more.

These leading players in the industry employ experienced and registered fitness professionals who can help the members with ease. They have a unique culture, staff profile, and membership base. These fitness experts leave no stone unturned to ensure that the members learn every aspect of health and fitness and transform into excellent professionals.

Gāyo Fitness Academy and Research Center Private Limited is one such top name in the sports and fitness industry making waves with its dedicated endeavours. Since 1998, it has trained and certified 19,000 students in Fitness & Nutrition Sciences. It offers personal

training, strength, and conditioning, sports nutrition, Pilates, exercise therapy, functional strength training, “Ira” (water) Fitness, “KRIDASAN” sports yoga, and so on. Today, Gāyo has nearly 50 nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty members across India.

Committed to Achieving Excellence

Team Gāyo believes that the health and fitness of different communities in India can be meaningfully enhanced by the professional success of students as fitness (health and lifestyle) professionals, sports professionals, and nutrition specialists.

The Academy endeavours to inspire its students to positively influence the quality of life of each individual with whom they interact and guide. It is unconditionally committed to providing the highest quality education and training programs available in order to –

  • Offer world-class career opportunities in fitness, sports, and nutrition in the context of not only today’s, but tomorrow’s world
  • Enable the students to be in a commanding position as and when fitness is formally recognized as an industry by the Government of India
  • Contribute to the health of all communities and countries where the students work

It aims to transform into a national leader and become one of the top 10 in the world’s fitness and education field by delivering quality fitness education and personal training certification to those desirous of pursuing these vocations. The academy emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills sets courses and their delivery through the development of world-class faculty and teaching and learning resources.

Gāyo intends to create opportunities to develop skills necessary to construct and pursue vocational careers in fitness, sports, and nutrition. It provides free post-enrolment guidance, mentoring, student support, and alumni services and support. Furthermore, the academy offers consulting and management services to commercial, corporate, and other fitness centres.

Employing a Quality-First Approach

In order to achieve excellence in their quality of services, Gāyo is committed to observe, in spirit and letter, the guidelines for the creation of the internal quality assurance committee (IQAC) as laid down in the National Action Plan of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore. It follows the guidelines for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation, and quality upgradation of institutions of higher education.

Being a private academy, Gāyo is affiliated to working in partnership with the BPCA’s College of Physical Education (BPCACPE) Mumbai, which is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai and accredited in Grade “A” by NAAC.

As part of the accreditation process, the education delivery provided by Gāyo is integral to NAAC’s audit, which led to BPCACPE’s accreditation in Grade “A”. It is, therefore, committed to observe and implement all quality assurance standards by NAAC.

Accordingly, Gāyo has established an Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC). Since quality improvement is a continuous process, the IQAC is part of its institutional system and works towards effecting the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.

The IQAC is driven to develop a system for well-thought-out, consistent, and result-oriented improvement in the academy’s performance. It also aims to make a significant contribution in the post accreditation phase of BPCACPE and Gāyo through the mechanism of regular monitoring, feedback, and ensuring that academic excellence is pursued at all levels.

If its vocation courses are approved and certificated through the University of Mumbai, some of these courses are also accredited internationally by the European Register of Exercise Professionals – EREPS – Brussels. In fact, the Academy’s courses are recognized in over 45 countries!

Vibrant Course Offerings

Gāyo offers a flexible permutation and combination of vocational courses and nationally and internationally recognized certificate courses and workshops. Its main vocational courses are approved and certificated by the University of Mumbai and accredited by Europe Active EREPS. It is also initiating several other national university tie-ups and international accreditations.

The academy’s courses are categorised as follows:

Vocation Courses

  • Certificate Course for Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT)
  • Certificate Course in Fitness Centre Management (CCFCM)
  • Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers (CCIPT)
  • Certificate Course for Bodybuilding Coaches (CCBBC)
  • Certificate Course in Strength & Sports Conditioning (CCSSC)

– Short Courses

  • Emergency First Aid with CPR & AED
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Plyomterics for Agility and Power
  • Kridasan Sports Yoga
  • Fitness Assessment & Testing (FAT)
  • Aerobic Endurance Training (AET)
  • HarTrain (Suspended Body Training)
  • ManTra (Exercise & Fitness Psychology)

The Exceptional Leader of Gāyo

With several qualifications and experience of over 41 years in fitness sciences, Dilip Heblé is rated as one of India’s leading educators in the field of fitness sciences.

As the Founder and CEO of Gāyo Fitness Academy, Mr. Heblé leads a team of over 45 faculty members across India designing and teaching over 20 fitness and nutrition sciences programs. His academy’s personal fitness trainer course is approved and certificated by the University of Mumbai. This course and the integrated pilates teacher course are

accredited as Level 4 Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) by European Union’s Europe Active.


He also leads Gāyo’s faculty in teaching in-house developed programs across India, South Asia, and the Middle East. Many of these education programs are jointly conducted with BPCA’s College of Physical Education, which is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

Dilip Heblé started formally training fitness professionals in 1996. Over the last 25 years, he and his team of 50 faculty members have trained about 19,000 specialists in general fitness, medical rehab, sports-conditioning, etc., in over 20 training venues across India.

He has offered consulting and/or managed nearly 25 commercial fitness clubs across India. Over the last 30 years, he managed and/or provided consulting to fitness centres that are part of India’s leading racquet clubs and “gymkhanas,” including Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana, Goregaon Sports Club, Club Millennium (all in Mumbai), and a lot more.

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