KV Institute of Management and Information Studies: Creating Global Leaders Adept in Management Skills
KV Institute of Management and Information Studies

The institute aims to be a center of excellence for the holistic development of businesses, entrepreneurship, and research in management.

Established in 2008 at Kurumbapalayam, Coimbatore, KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM) focuses on training students to become holistically developed global management leaders. The institute was initiated by the KV Charitable Trust with the focus on attaining excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Located in a distraction-free tranquil environment and greener surroundings, KVIM provides students with courses and training programs that are most current and are the need of the hour. It has a state-of-the-art online portal which provides immediate access to faculty resources, ebooks, ejournals, elearning, course materials, and much more, which are accessible from anywhere in the world. The institution’s infrastructure facilities such as library, computer labs, dining halls, sporting facilities, recreational facilities, gym, provide students a lasting experience.

A Plethora of Educational Facilities

KVIM offers more than eight specializations in diverse fields including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Infrastructure and Real Estate Management, and so on. Other specialty courses include Digital Marketing, Data Science, Leadership, Executive Communication, and much more. The institute’s teaching pedagogy is not just restricted to a narrow and constrained classroom setting. It also focuses on introducing ways to encourage real time conversations among the students through case studies and pre-video sessions. This approach to the pedagogy combines fieldwork through its 200+ MoU partners, case studies, and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. KVIM promotes higher forms of thinking such as analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles rather than just remembering facts. Accordingly, the teaching and evaluation practices are designed based on the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Although KVIM follows the Anna University curriculum, unique programs like simulation games, corporate outbound training, super specialty courses based on specialization corporate lectures, practical project exposure, and so on are added to holistically develop the student to face the corporate world.

The Astute Leader

The person heading KVIM towards the heights of prominence is none other than Dr. M. Vidhya, the Principal. Being a dedicated person, she always works towards shaping the vision of every student while focusing on the bigger picture. She is determined to giving students the direction for academic, professional, and personal success. Dr. Vidhya always emphasizes on improving instruction to enable professors to teach at their best and students to learn to their utmost. Faculty training is her focus while ensuring that the teachers get the best training such that the larger vision and mission gets accomplished.

Focus on the Development of Students

The institute aims to ensure overall development of the students. KVIM established the Centre for Industry Institute Interface (CI3) for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry.

The Centre mainly focuses on

  • Deepening students’ skills and commitment in sectors they were trained for
  • Broadening students’ perspectives on career opportunities and assist them to reach their career aspirations
  • Enhancing networking opportunities for students and develop their confidence in communicating with experienced professionals
  • Developing institution-industry partnerships and collaborations

CI3 aims to interact with the elite corporates in India and abroad to reduce the gap between industry expectations and academic offerings by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis. KVIM aims to empower students to face the realities of the business world, and to take learning beyond classrooms. Accordingly, it invites experts from reputed corporate houses like Cloud Bull, Foss Infotech Private Ltd, Twin link Logistics Private Ltd, and so on. These professionals share their views regarding the various trending issues in the industry. These initiatives serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and understanding the latest industry practices, so that faculty and students become empowered with the ground realities of business.

Financial Assistance

The institute not only provides exceptional educational facilities, but also offers financial assistance to the ones in need. KVIM provides15+ government and 5+ Private scholarships. Students can avail of this facility by visiting the college website wherein detailed information of application procedure is provided. Additionally, scholarships for over 20+ Lakhs are awarded to students annually.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

The institute provides various opportunities to the students to excel and build a bright career. It is associated with 200+ MoU industrial partners, strong alumni, and collaboration with Amity University, Malaysia and Straits Academy, Malaysia. Moreover, the students are encouraged to participate in various tasks assigned by the companies, which may include undertaking market research, stall management, product promotion and branding, stock audit, pay roll maintenance, and so on in the different types of companies of the MOU partners. KVIM offers continuous internship to the students throughout the year where they are exposed to all the types of companies and all the type of tasks. Based on these practices, the students are offered employment opportunities in various roles including Digital Marketing Executives, Data Analyst, and Financial Analyst in many reputed MNCs.

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