LearnApp : Directing the EdTech Revolution

LearnApp is an online video education platform that brings the best minds in the field of trading, investing and business management to teach from a relevant, skill-driven curriculum. Its main objective is to redefine and reimagine education for the 21st century. With the world changing at a rapid pace, constant learning and upskilling have become essential to success. At LearnApp, you learn what it takes to be an industry-ready, disruptive and successful professional.

The company was founded in 2017 as the manifestation of the vision of four go-getters: Prateek Singh, CEO & Founder; Ankush Oberoi, Co-founder, Head of Business and Productions; Swati Sharma, Co-founder, Head of Productions; Sohail Alam, Co-founder, Head of Technology.

It was their collective vision and belief in experiential and practical learning that laid the foundation stone for LearnApp. The leadership believes that it is skills and not conventional knowledge which will guide professional success in the 21st century. Their focus has constantly been on making learning actionable, skill-driven and object-driven, because that translates to better results and longlasting learnings that are in sync with the constantly disruptive 21st century world.

It is with this belief that they founded LearnApp. The idea was to engage directly with the practitioners and learn from their insights and experiences. Their emphasis on constant upskilling, action-based learning and innovation reflects in the organisation’s philosophy, where there is a healthy space and encouragement for unconventional and off-beat ideas and hands-on learning.

Leading the Way

An entrepreneur and a risk-taker by heart, Prateek Singh (founder and CEO), started trading from the age of 17 and has been active on the markets ever since. Over the years, he has also shared insights from his trading journey and investing journey with thousands of individuals by the means of his ventures in the financial education space, namely TradeAcademy, Tradersaint, and Market Scientist.

His interest in trading led him to start multiple ventures, where he aimed to solve the knowledge gap between authentic stock market education amongst the masses. After four ventures, LearnApp was finally established in 2018 with four co-founders. Having skipped formal education, Prateek is on his journey to revolutionize the way education, skill development and financial literacy is thought about.

Products and Services

LearnApp believes in skill-driven, actionable and testable learning patterns, curated by the best in the industry. The company also strongly believes in the idea that upskilling should start at a fundamental level, where people are just beginning to venture out in their professional spaces. It offers in-depth, insightful, and application-driven frameworks of learning to professionals and students in the Ankush Oberoi Co-founder, Head of Business and Productions Swati Sharma Co-founder, Head of Productions Prateek Singh CEO & Founder Sohail Alam Co-founder, Head of Technology age group of 19-30. It covers this through four major domains of importance – trading, investing, business management and communications.

This emphasis on skill and insights, rather than rote knowledge forms the core of its courses and classes. Each course is designed in a way that aims to give you an information and insight-rich experience by organising a lifetime of a mentor’s experience into an hour. This is further enriched by the voiceovers, animations and graphics that help drive home the point better. With each course, you get one step closer to thinking like a leader. And with live classes you get to engage with what you learn! What’s more, with LearnApp’s live Q&A sessions, ensure that you leave the class doubt-free, because the mentor will solve them for you, right away.

Standing Apart

The idea is to make the learning process enriching, industry-driven and engaging. The 150+ courses offered by LearnApp cover various concepts of investing, trading, communications and business management extensively and are shot cinematically, with insights, stories and experiences of industry veterans.

At LearnApp, an experiential, film-like crash course organised into a lifetime of insights and knowledge each industry legend has to offer- that is what the courses are like. The idea is to focus on incorporating practical, relevant observations that can be implemented by the user with immediate effect. The live classes further provide a direct opportunity for users to interact directly with the mentors. From Raamdeo Agrawal teaching the art of investing to Utpal Sheth explaining portfolio construction to experienced traders explaining various trading strategies, LearnApp gives you a chance to learn the best from the best!

Prateek comments: “Our curriculum is designed by the world’s brightest minds spanning 10 major subjects. From business management to entrepreneurship, to trading to investing, we have it all.” At LearnApp, education is skill centric. All this comes with a hyper-curated, in-demand, relevant and continuously updated curriculum that is designed by those who run the industry. Here, you work to learn, and learn to do!

While eLearning is still dominated by conventional learning patterns, LearnApp provides a dynamic, interactive learning interface for the user to learn, understand and practically understand the real-world applications of these concepts. This can range from learning option strategies to trade profitably in the market to understanding the art of investing in order to manage their portfolio effectively. In essence, the learnings and takeaways from learning on LearnApp are immediate and practical, shortening the learning curve for the users and leaving a lasting impact.

In addition to that, the company also has clearly defined learning modules for trading, investing and more, which provide a definitive starting point and a sequential path for the user to start learning. This is not just beneficial for a new learner, who has his learning map charted for him for systematic, structured learning, it is also beneficial for an intermediate or advanced learner, who wishes to enhance certain aspects of their understanding regarding the subject. A well-defined learning map can help them focus on what is most important and relevant from their perspective.

Rising Fervently

LearnApp has managed to cover a significant and eventful journey in this short span of three years. It currently has more than two lakh registered users and a dedicated learning community that is constantly expanding and having more than 10 million streams on their paid platform is a testimony to the quality of the content.

Apart from that, they have more than 150+ live classes spanning a range of topics both current and conceptual, so that the viewers can get a practical, hands-on experience of their learnings and its applications. The live classes have received rave reviews and great views and thus the company wants to explore this dimension of user-mentor engagement in the most effective manner possible.

Prateek also proudly recounted: “Our user retention rate stands at 80%, which signifies how LearnApp has been able to forge long-lasting relationships with its users in such a short span of time. Our customer engagement has grown five times since the lockdown and we are very fortunate to have had the continued support of our users.”

Additionally, LeanApp has also been able to drive discussions in the learner community and ensure that learning becomes as seamless and as interactive a process as possible. More than 1,00,000 comments have been resolved on its website, proof of how invested the LearnApp community is in gaining hands-on education.

Having built an efficient system with regards to customer satisfaction and service, LearnApp has also ventured into prominent corporate partnerships like Kotak, empowering and fuelling the employee upskilling and development programs of many well-known companies.

Aspiring to Make a Difference

LearnApp aims to become a pioneer in insight driven and practise-based learning space. It wants to become the world’s largest educational platform in terms of practitioners teaching by means of an actionable framework to create industry-ready, highly disruptive professionals who possess a solid skill set. It also desires to add 10 million more people to its community and bring them a step closer to learning directly from industry leaders. The vision is to become the world’s largest education portal where industry leaders and practitioners teach the future professionals and shape them into doers and go-getters.

LearnApp wishes to shift the focus of education from merely certifications, degrees and traditional learning to a skill based, result oriented and performance dependent culture where the skills and work of the professionals are given far more importance than the college education. “This, in my view, is the future of every industry, including education. And at LearnApp, we want to be at the forefront of this positive revolution,” added Prateek.

While looking at diversifying its outreach by including courses and content in vernaculars like Hindi and more, LearnApp believes that its full potential will be actualised only when each individual of the society benefits from its courses.

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