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“Proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you have always known.” ― Frank Herbert

Education is a fundamental right of every child. As soon as a baby is born, parents start planning for his/her future and education is no exception. While growing up, not only a child learns new things, but also parents have to reciprocate accordingly. Parents have to learn new things from the day the baby is born. From the baby’s likes and dislikes to the foods the baby is allergic to, parents need to have a keen observation. The grasping power of a child at this age is very high and learns from the surrounding.

Education has a huge impact on a person as well as on his personality. Proper education makes a child grow into a responsible person. The society and the world is benefitted by a person who is smart, understanding and kind. Hence, it is necessary to inculcate good habits since childhood. Pre-schools and schools have a great impact on a child’s behavior and it is important that the child feels comfortable being in preschool. The environment of the preschool should be interactive, innovative and entertaining at the same time.

Learning Tree Nursery is one of the nurseries which provide amazing learning in the environment for the kids that have just gained the understanding capacity. Established in the year 2013, the nursery is a British Nursery that provides an early year foundation stage program. The nursery open-heartedly welcomes children from a varied background of the age group of 1 to 4 years. Its faculty is highly qualified and experienced in this particular age group. Specifically, teachers are EYFS qualified British teachers with many years of experience with their age group. One great initiative by Learning Tree Nursery is customized learning for better and effective delivery of the curriculum. The curriculum of the nursery is based on the core value of Learning Tree philosophy through which the children are provided with inspiring programs, the teachers nurture creativity, encourage exploration and discovery, build confidence and develop problem-solving skills during planned and purposeful play.

Intellectual/Passionate Director of Learning Tree Nursery

Miss Manahil Haider, the Director of Learning Tree Nursery started the preschool in the year 2013. She completed her  MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of London. She has also completed numerous courses like child psychology, teaching English to bilingual children and early years phonics programs. She believes that for building a better education system, it is necessary that a person should have good knowledge and experience with the toddlers. Miss Manahil says, “As the CEO of the Learning Tree, I find myself in the wonderful position of setting up nurseries and schools that speak of our vision to deliver educational institutions of the highest caliber and I am proud to bring my experience and qualifications to the Learning Tree Nursery and its affiliated schools and branches.”

Innovative Learning

Today, schools and preschools are  becoming adaptive to newer techniques to teach children. Learning Tree Nursery creates opportunities so that the children and teachers come together through various programs. These programs are mainly focused on unleashing the imaginations of the toddlers.  The nursery has a powerful educational setting where children can find their inspiration while learning.

There are themed -space specifically constructed for the growth of the children. The children can use the entire facility while discovering this amazing universe. The toddlers are free to do their favorite activities with the help of a supportive and enriching environment. The nursery’seffective learning helps  kids to expand their knowledge in a very playful manner. Learning Tree Nursery has a unique way of approach towards teaching toddlers and has :

  • Mobile Classrooms
  • Expressive Arts and Design Room
  • Construction and Number Zone
  • Sensory Room
  • Language Playroom

The preschool also has a parent’s lounge where various social events and activities like ‘Mum & Toddler’ event are organized.

Mission and Vision

Learning Tree nursery strives to grow and cater to the needs of the society and talking about the same,  Miss Manahil addresses, “Our children are not merely targets of instruction; their minds are not merely vessels to be filled. Our children deserve to be inspired, to be encouraged and to grow.”

The mission of the playschool is to continue building on the phenomenal success while spreading their hands all over UAE and further. Learning Tree will continue to represent the state of the art facilities, coupled with an extensively researched curriculum for a fun and stimulating learning environment which allows each unique child to grow to their full potential.

Greatest Accomplishments

Over the years, Learning Tree Nursery has expanded over various parts of the UAE and MAE region. Not only in Asia but, Learning Tree Nursery is one of the preschools with the highest standards in London, UK, too. The preschool is affiliated to the best primary schools in Dubai including the prestigious Kings School, Wellington, and Hartland. Learning Tree Nursery has won several awards, but the nursery considers rge greatest and most precious accomplishment is their children who thrive and grow within the warmth and security of the nursery.  Learning Tree Nursery treats their students as  their most precious asset.

The Shifting Trends in Education

Education has been an integral part of a person’s life and early education helps a child to grow. Early year’s education has been evolving over the years. . Preschools are now focusing on recognizing the abilities and strengths of an individual child. The main focus now is building the child based on his or her strengths and developing them which will allow them to shine later. Teachers are great facilitators as they gently guide the children and develop a method which suits according to each child. It is necessary that the teacher shows love and compassion, supporting them through love and compassion, laughter and play, toward confidence, sociability, learning, and security. As early year education is the most definitive phase of lives, it is a great responsibility on the people involved in shaping the future of a child.

Creative Learning

At Learning Tree Nursery, the main emphasis is on creativity and exploring new methods every day to connect with the toddlers. The school layout ensures that kids are not confined to a place. Basically, the layout does not limit the children to the classroom space as the classrooms are mobile throughout the day. Also, the themed spaces are very effective in making the toddlers understand the curriculum. The preschool organizes frequent visits to various interesting places such as petting farms, music groups, and firemen. In this way, the kids get to interact with nature and society. Learning Tree Nursery aims at creating an exciting and safe environment for their children.

Future Prospective

Learning Tree Nursery is all set to spread across various regions all over the world. The preschool has been rapidly expanding over the MAE region as well as in the UK. Along with the expansion of their legacy, it thrives on building a more efficient and easy learning environment for their children. Miss Manahil said, “We look forward to building upon our phenomenal success by expanding our branches in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, in 2019 and in Abu Dhabi in 2020.”

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