Taranjit Singh: A Visionary Leader Inspiring the Power and Energy to Enlighten Individuals
Taranjit Singh, Managing Director, JIS Group Educational Initiatives | the education magazine

Some people are driven by the vision to enlighten others and create a road towards empowerment and provide them with the ability to stand their own ground. Taranjit Singh, Managing Director of JIS Group Educational Initiatives is one such personality, who shares and employs his father’s vision of igniting minds and empowering lives with the knowledge of education. He was not born with the silver spoon instead; he had a humble beginning through which he gets to know the importance of education. And today, using his knowledge and educational reach, he heads the largest premier education service provider in Eastern India, having over 28 educational institutes with over 139 course programs and over 36000+ students currently enrolled into these diverse academic programs.

Taranjit has taken an active role in promoting various business initiatives across multiple sectors. Others than the educational sector, he has helmed various roles in diverse industries such as Dairy, Iron and Steel, Logistics, Transport, film production, and so on. He has held and continues to hold several key positions on various Regulatory and Professional Boards. Currently, he also holds top positions such as the President of Association of Professional Academic Institutions; Chief Patron of Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Member of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indo German Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Indian Industry, Indian Foundry Association, and so on. JIS Group, under his leadership, sets a realistic agenda of sustainable development of the company to keep pace with their business processes in order to generate an overall positive impact on society.

Consequently, his visionary efforts have been crowned with success through various awards and accolades like the most prestigious ‘Mother Teresa International Award’ in Education category, ‘Gurukul Award’ – Kolkata for his lifetime achievement by Lions Club Kolkata, the ‘Game Changer of the Year 2015 – Business’ award and so on.

Keeping Keen Eyes on the Education Industry

With his unyielding roots in the education industry for over 21 years, Taranjit has seen many upheavals in the industry. He believes that the education industry is acting like a bridge between the students and the industry. It will usher in a colossal change in terms of the pedagogy, infrastructure, and the syllabus. Hence, he advises that it is imperative for the industry to focus on effective capacity-building. Education industry provides good faculty members who particularly use the training methodology for developing the skills among the students like industry-friendly mental setup and fluency in communication. All these skills groomed by the institutes enable students to face the working ethos confidently.

Student-Oriented Leadership

Taranjit states that “leadership means to guide the students as a coach. As the President of APAI, for me, leadership is when I am taking care of my students or when the students are being guided by us”. According to him, leadership means taking caring of students and motivating them to develop their skills. Hence, he is ready to take care of all his staff, faculty, infrastructure, and setting up the best resources to guide students in the courses as per the mentor’s intent so that they are entitled to a bright and successful future.

About the JIS Group

JIS Group, an educational conglomerate today, had a very lean gesture at its start to translate the vow of Sardar Jodh Singh, the Founder and Chairman of JIS Group to serve society by being the torch bearer of knowledge, education, and employment. JIS Group Educational Initiatives started its journey from 1998, keeping affront its mission – Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives with the opening of the college named Asansol Engineering College, at Kalyanpur, Asansol.

The reputation of the Group speaks for itself as JIS Group Educational Initiatives has placed their students with major 350+ national and multinational brands such as TCS, Capgemini, L&T, Infosys, IBM, Cognizant, Ranbaxy, Glaxo, L&G, and Google. Students have also procured coveted placements in Govt. Organizations such as ISRO and BARC. The United Bank of India recruited its students from both Management and B.Tech streams. Further, many have joined illustrious careers in UK, USA, and Germany. Furthermore, the alumni of JIS Group Educational Initiatives, whose numbers soars above 1,00,000, have been recognized as societal icons across various platforms in different industry sectors.

JIS University: The Ultimate Destination for Quality Education

Taranjit Singh is also the Chancellor of JIS University, which was set up in February 2015 under the aegis of University Grant Commission (UGC). The University is operational since then with the objective to provide instructions, teaching, training and research in various branches and specialized fields. It offers specialized fields of study in Science, Engineering and Technology, Management, Law, Humanities, Education, and other fields of study including imparting of skills that have employment potential through the JIS Institute of Skill Development. Additionally, the university also offers innovative programs like Business Analytics, Financial Services, IOT, AI, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Health Care and more. Moreover, there are traditional undergraduate and post graduate courses such as integrated B.Sc-M.Sc courses in science subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Geography, Biotechnology and Microbiology.

The University also provides PhD programmes in various subjects and streams. Students are offered foreign language classes and are also exposed to international student internships through various student exchange programmes with foreign universities.

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