Let’s Play! Encourage Children to Be Physically Active
Encourage Children to Be Physically Active
Encourage Children to Be Physically Active

A few years ago, it was an easy task for parents, when they simply send their children outdoor to play. But nowadays it is tough to maintain a high level of physical activities in early childhood time. In this modern age, children like to sit behind computers screens and TV; also they like to play with smartphones and tablets. And as a result, the amount of quality of outdoor time spent by children has decreased and levels of health issues have increasedIt’s a fact that children today aren’t looking as fit as the children decades earlier. 

Physical activity for young children is not limited to exercising or going to the gym but it involves active playing, jumping, skipping, swimming, running around and more which provides them the opportunity to move and explore the outside environment. Physical activities are an integral part of young children’s lives and lay the foundation for a healthy and active life. There are many ways to make kids more active or motivating them to be physically active. 

Get Moving! 

Incorporate movement into the classroom and curriculum to make students moving while learning. Schools are not strict about academic development, particularly when it comes to early childhood education. The research shows that students who are active and play more have a much higher level of brain functionality than those who sit quietly. Teachers can conduct various activities in class while having a class discussion. Several active games can be incorporated for more movement in the classroom. The schools can include physical activity programs in the daily curriculum such as daily stretches, afternoon yoga stretches, dance party breaks and more. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to foster the holistic development of the children. PE class should include different forms of play that allow kids to have more fun and greater freedom.  

Find Fun Activity 

Children are children. The activities should be fun and appropriate for the age. Parents and family can help children by finding a sport that they really enjoy. The more they enjoy the activity, the more possibility they will continue it. The whole family should also involve in the activity. In fact, it is a great way to spend time together. Apart from thisstart limiting TV, computer and phone usage. It is recommended to limit the usages of TV, videos, computers, and video games for 1 to 2 hours each day. And, use the free time for more physical activities. Apart from this, parents can encourage children to take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and get involved them in house hold activities. Parents should regularly involve themselves in sports and physical activity and can become a role model for their children.  

Get Out In the World/ Visit Places, Connect with Nature 

Plan active family outings with the kids; take some time out to travel to some rural and green places. A big park with open space can help them to let loose and set their sense of adventure free. Consider child’s tastes and interests when picking a location, and take the opportunity to have them learn something new. Places like lakes, forests, seaside area and find a range of new activities for child to enjoy. Play with sand, have fun in water and explore more which helps kids to connect with the nature. It will also help to increase child’s physical health and mental wellbeing.  

Why do they need to be active? 

Today, we can see more children and teens are overweight or obese than ever before. This is because they are less active and don’t spend time in the outside world. It has been observed that children who play both indoors and outdoors  includes running, jumping, climbing, playing ball, and dancing have abilities to move with more confidence and can balance their bodies in a better way. Active life style also maintains the mental wellbeing of a child and the endorphins hormone that the brain releases during exercise help to improve mood, energy levels and even sleep. 

Childhood is the best time of a person’s life. It should be care-free, happy, healthy, and fun. The values and habits established in young lives are long lasting. Physical activities should be included into young children’s lives to form a foundation of movement and activity which will be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. By incorporating regular movement activities into the early childhood curriculum, sets the foundation for children to experience an active childhood which will help them create an active adulthood. 

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