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Creativity Side
Creativity Side

In writing there is art and in art there is craft – Susi Moorr

The education fraternity has considerably evolved over the years keeping in account the on-going momentum and prompt changes experienced in the day to day lives. Gone are the days that education could be all about textbooks and exams, the entire process of education itself has been modified according to the trends and upcoming endeavors. This in turn has given rise to the extra curriculum activities and subjects that were early not prioritized much. Everything we are surrounded with is in the form of art, craft, design and creations and every industry is in some or the other way dependent on design.

Be it the technology, infrastructure, various industries, or manufacturing units everyone needs a medium of social media, websites or promotional posters to promote their platforms. With the readily and immense use of design, schools today have highlighted the class of art and craft to bring out the creative side in students and give confidence to their talents.

Art is helpful in many ways and is not only restricted to designing mediums. Schools right from the very beginning make students visualize and draw things, which in order help in memorizing things fast and learn through a fun yet resourceful manner. Crafting miniatures statues and forms from clay makes the students well aware of the different size and shapes with live examples in front of them. Even coloring for that matter helps students understand the color combination, the diverse colors and its meaning and shades and textures. One of the most memorable moments which every student cherishes for a long time even after leaving school, is making that very first paper boat. Learning a small activity as simple as making a paper boat gives students an idea of folding a paper into different size and folds will form creative objects. The use of origami papers to make paper bags, birthday cards, decorating will make a student’s artistic potential shine.

Conducting art and craft seminars will make students interactive and help inculcate new and interesting ideas related to various subjects. Schools should take effective initiatives of making students participate in group projects of portraying their vision of building an historic monument or sculpting a famous personality. A group activity is always fun and also helps students learn from each other along the way of the project process.

Helping students majorly in various aspects and bringing new perspectives into play, the art and craft activities and seminars have added an extra touch in the regular academics of students. A career in this field is now definitely a big time Yes.

– Apurva Bhosale


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