LinkedIn Profile to Become Vital for College Admissions

Students have another item to add in their checklist while applying for the college admission which is their LinkedIn profile. Students not only have to worry about their test score, recommendations and achievements but also have to keep tabs on their LinkedIn profile. Many social media experts are asking high school students to create and constantly update their LinkedIn profiles. Their LinkedIn profile has to be more elaborative and detailed. Students will also have to increase their professional circuit. Such profiles will get attention of college officers. They would click on such profiles which will give them chance to select bright students.

Alan Katzman, who is the Chief Executive of Social Assurity Company said: “They will click on your profile”.  Social Assurity, this company helps students to manage their online profiles. Previously company asked students from Washington to link their online profiles of LinkedIn to their applications to Universities such as Harvard and Stanford University. This will increase their chance to get selected in those colleges. LinkedIn also informed such students that their profile had been viewed from Harvard University. Students are also getting selected for colleges with the help of their Social Media profiles.

Two ways students can actually make use of their LinkedIn profile. First to research the Universities which are best suited for them and also creating the profile that highlights their accomplishments. Surely it is no longer about your SAT scores and school transcript and personal essays, and it has to be followed with your LinkedIn profile. Earlier LinkedIn had lowered user requirement age to 14 in the United States. Along with this, LinkedIn also has launched University Pages which would help students to research Universities which are best suited for them.

Public schools from different parts of countries are teaching online conduct skills. This is part of digital citizenship push to prepare students for their future challenges. Use of social media can also help Universities to check whether students have misused social media. They will also get to know if they’ve ever been suspended or expelled before, as many colleges have zero tolerance policy for such behavior. May be not literally, but definitely, this will increase the burden on high school students.

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