Top 6 Android Applications for Students in Universities

Today’s world is not about studying for hours, it’s about studying in an hour. The students in universities need to be smarter than ever. They need to find a way to reduce the weight of their backpack. Solutions are many, such as use of Laptops, Kindle and Tablets, these will definitely weigh down their backpack. But are these enough? Well, not so much. Students will have to plan their day in campus, so they can utilize their time thoroughly. To take it further, they have to be extra smart and fast in Labs, classrooms and other curricular activities. So let’s discuss some prospective to help them to get around. Here are top 6 android applications that will add extra ‘er’ in making them smart to smarter.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Believe it or not, waking up early is one of the most difficult tasks for college students, whether it’s late night studies or a night out with friends. Sleep cycle will check users sleep timings and wake them up at the right time. Sleep Cycle will also suggest the user go with an umbrella or not.

  1. Free Wi-Fi Finder

This application will help students in finding free Wi-Fi connections around. They can select their preferred locations and filter results. Free Wi-Fi finder will send them notification according to preference.

  1. Studious

This app will help students in planning their day in the college and informing them regarding assignment schedule. This app provides the student with smart advantage by turning their phone in silent mode automatically. The app tracks the classroom location and switch phone on silent mode even without notifying you. It will send notification regarding their class timings. Let’s hope they will not ignore those notifications.

  1. Circle Of Six

Circle Of Six is security app. It helps users to connect with their close circle by constantly providing your location to them. Security has been a major concern for parents before sending their children to college. Students can also use bSafe, Bugle and React Mobile security apps student can use.

  1. TCY Exam Prep

This application will help student in preparation of their class exams. This application will also guide students preparing for different competitive exams. Students can take expert opinions and tips by paying extra money amount for premium membership.

  1. Walnut

Fighting with a roommate over spending is a thing of the past. With Walnut they can keep track of your money, also spilt up rent and bills while keeping track with their roommates. Walnut track spending by checking your inbox messages of your bank transitions. This most important app considering more than often students find themselves cashless.


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