Lisa Rogers Appointed as New CEO by National Research Council
Lisa Rogers
The Australian Council of Education Research has appointed Lisa Rogers as its new CEO.
Later this year, Ms. Rogers will conclude her tenure as Director General of the Department of Education.
The hiring procedure for the new Director General will start right away. Lisa Rogers, the Director General of the West Australian Department of Education, is departing to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).
Leading education research organization ACER is present in many Australian states as well as other nations. Ms. Rogers will stay on at the Department of Education until later in the year, but in order to make room for a new Director General, a hiring process will shortly start.
After being named Director General in January 2019, Ms. Rogers oversaw the nation’s top-performing Department of Education’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. For her efforts to raise student achievement, Ms. Rogers received the Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ Western Australian Pre Eminent Educational Leader Award in 2021 and was made an Australian Council of Educational Leaders Fellow in 2023.
“I would like to thank the Director General for her six years of exceptional service and dedication,” said Dr. Tony Buti, the minister of education.Throughout her tenure, Ms. Rogers has demonstrated unwavering dedication, creative problem-solving, and ceaseless attempts to improve public education for all students, in all classrooms, every day.
“Ms Rogers’ vision and strategic guidance has resulted in our students being equipped with the knowledge, skill and values necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. “While the Department begins the process of identifying the most qualified candidate to head education in Western Australia going forward, I wish Ms. Rogers every success in her new endeavors.”
“In her time as Director General, Lisa Rogers has been dedicated to getting the best outcomes for all students in our public education system,” said Early Childhood school Minister Sabine Winton.During her six years as Director General, Ms. Rogers’ profound love for education was clear, and I appreciate her commitment to our State.
“I look forward to seeing Ms Rogers continue her important work to improve learning outcomes in her new position, and I wish her all the best.”
“I would like to thank Ms. Rogers for her contribution and leadership in the international education sector,” said David Templeman, the minister of international education.I hope she succeeds in her new position and that she will continue to offer a valuable policy perspective.”

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