Taylor Family Foundation Donates $30 Million to the New SAIT Campus Center
Taylor Family

One of Calgary’s leading philanthropic families is donating $30 million to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to establish a campus center. According to Dr. David Ross, SAIT’s president and CEO, the Taylor Family Campus Center will be a major enhancement. “This facility will be the heart of the campus—a place for students and the community to gather and foster a sense of belonging,” he stated.

The upcoming 269,098-square-foot structure, designed with energy-efficient features, is scheduled to debut in 2027. The initial campus center, built in 1981, was intended to accommodate a student body of 8,000.

“The piece we had was built for its time; we’ve actually over-doubled our student population, so we need more opportunity to serve,” Ross said. “When this opens in 2027, it truly will be the front door of the institution.

“We’re introducing a triple gym, a running track and a rink as part of our expanded athletic facilities. Additionally, we’re integrating a substantial health and wellness component, which is a novel addition for us. This will provide our students with the opportunity to conduct practicums on campus within these clinics.”

Since the rehabilitation plan’s inception in 2022, 95% of garbage has been diverted. “There will be a convention center, which will enable us to gather larger people for those significant talks and events. There is also a sizable student meeting area, which includes, as is customary, a revitalization of The Gateway, the student pub. “It’s designed to serve a much wider group in a more varied manner; it’s much more inclusive.”

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