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Lovely Professional University aims to transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching. With a strong determination to develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia, LPU prepares their graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills. LPU targets to develop global professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference to the society.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is an ASSOCHAM’s “National Education Excellence” Award winning institution, accredited to the UGC. Being the largest university of the country with over 25,000 students on a single campus, LPU is committed to technological deployment in its campus for smooth functioning. Nearly 90% of the tasks undertaken in the University incorporate one or the other high-end technology tools of the present times. LPU has also earned a reputation for contributing an army of the best groomed employees to the industry including globally reputed companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many others. It has a 100% placement record of eligible students for the last three years in various programs. The student culture is diverse at LPU, as students from not only all 29 states of India, but also 70+ countries like USA, China, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and many more attend LPU for their higher education. In addition to the on-campus students, more than 60,000 students are pursuing its distance education programs.

The World of Journalism in LPU

LPU School of Journalism, Film Production & Creative Arts has a truly global character, reputed faculties with right blend of academic and industry experiences, dynamic system of pedagogy and equipped with world class infrastructure. For promoting and facilitating mass communication and media studies, LPU keeps on organizing annual national-international media fests. In a recently held fest, 190+ entries from 20+ countries were received for various competitions in domains like short-films, documentaries, ad-films, logos, design making, story-telling, radio jockeying, photographing and more.

In such a massive organization, students gain great exposure and novel experience and in turn put their classroom learning into actual creative forms of their interests. The present era is an era of media and social awakening through creativity available in diverse segments.

Live projects are the most important feature of the education system in LPU. Students are encouraged to run their own projects to give them a practical exposure. Its programmes instruct the principles, practice, responsibility of communication, and the convergence of print, broadcast and online journalism in the era of New Media. Its different departments offer a systematic progression of hands-on production work and theoretical aspects which allow students to experience the full range of technical expertise, conceptual skills and artistic expression required to become accomplished media practitioners. Through comprehensive educational courses such as Scriptwriting, Photography, Sound & Radio, Media & Cultural Studies, Television Production, New Media Storytelling and the Digital Media Arts; the revised curriculum encourages students to adopt a creative, professional and scholarly approach to both traditional and new media practices.

Recently, students have successfully completed a project for TVS Motors for developing Music Anthem for its new model launch. Various departments competed to win this assignment, where a coveted grant was also provided by TVS for the shoot. Many of the students were also involved in recording various events for in house ‘YTV Channel’ and gain hands-on exposure in preparing programs, program scheduling and handling the electronic media. During visits of premier leaders like Presidents, Prime Ministers of different countries, Celebrities, Ambassadors, CEOs  and various national/international cultural, sports and tech fests organised at the campus; students get great exposure to live photography, videography, anchoring, editing, reporting and more. Students also keep on preparing short films, ads, theme songs and documentaries on various themes.

LPU’s Contribution to the Flourishing Media Industry

Now-a-days, Media is highly popular and competitive field. During final year/semester of the student’s study programme, they are encouraged to gain work experience and build up a portfolio of their work. To make this possible, they are motivated to intern with radio/ television channels, prominent newspapers, PR/ Advertising agencies and more. Students are also inspired to look out for summer placement/ part-time and voluntary opportunities, during the summer holidays/ or evenings/ and even weekends. Some of the students are even involved with university radio station, campus channel YTv, Media and Brand Development departments. Such endeavours provide excellent opportunities to develop practical and professional skills and to make industry contacts.

Skills gained on media studies help students to enter creative industries including films and videos, digital media, computer games, print media companies, PR consultancies, electronic media, publishing, TV and radio companies. Jobs related to their programmes include: Media planner, Multimedia specialist, Public Relations Officer, Social Media Manager, Web content manager, Advertising account executive, Broadcast/ Magazine journalist, Event manager, Film director, Information officer and more.

On the same lines, for facing job interviews in a better way, ‘Career portfolio’ is made a part of the pedagogy. Mock Interviews are conducted to make the students aware about the level of interviews conducted by the industry expert panel, where a virtual corporate environment & interview sessions are held. Audio-video recordings for the same reveal students their strengths and weaknesses. The Panel consists of teachers from the University as well as the industry experts.

LPU’s Habit of Creating Milestones

With various illustrious achievements and initiatives taken in diverse fields, LPU receives every year many international & national top leaders, celebrities, sports-persons, and scientists at its campus for regularly motivating the students. It has seen unbeatable placement records, 200+ collaborations with top universities of the world and allied institutes, got top ranks-awards, organized international-national conferences; and also shouldered top corporate social responsibility (CSR) works. In appreciation of LPU’s great endeavours, Anshu Jamsenpa, a well-known mountaineer, has displayed LPU’s Logo atop the world’s highest peak ‘Mount Everest’. LPU has recently been recognized with National Education Excellence Award- 2017 by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India; marked as one of the best among 777 Indian universities; and, beat IITs in the race of most technologically sound crowd in the country and also has been ranked 2nd by HackerEarth.

The Thought-Leader of the Institute

An exponent of industry relevant higher education, LPU Chancellor, Ashok Mittal has a vision to transform the way education is delivered in India. He has envisioned LPU as the epitome of the same philosophy – “Transforming Education, Transforming India”.  His never-say-die spirit has always been a morale booster for LPU to perform better every year and strive to achieve more. “Simple living & high thinking” can also be attributed to this education baron who working hard has achieved much to his name. His decision to step into education, rather than any other sector, was based on the strong belief in his philosophy-‘to pay back more to the society than received’.

With a strong acumen and a great vision on the growth of the sector, Mr Mittal is regarded as a thought leader in the Educational Sector. He is vocal about his policies that can change the entire education scenario and has always been a forerunner when it comes to conceptualizing. Being a leader in true sense of the word, he believes, “Experimentation is what we are committed to. Excellence is what we strive for, and service of mankind through education is what we stand for. The saga has begun and many milestones have to be achieved as we move ahead on our journey.

Words of Trust

It was indeed a wonderful experience to learn versatility at LPU. My mentors at LPU culled my skills out which they identified in me. I have been drawing and sketching since my school days, and only when I joined LPU I learnt and realized the application of the same. Now I am applying the same talent abundantly for my professional life. I want to advise students to follow LPU philosophy to think big & follow your passion for shining in life.

——— Hansjeet Singh Duggal, Visual-Effects (VFS) artist and Alumnus of LPU

I have a great passion for arts, life and literature but I could not recognize it properly at first and chose a pharmacy programme. However my teachers at LPU identified an artist within me and inspired me to be what I am today. I am really thankful to LPU environ where students are made to grow as per their talents and passions. LPU top authority also allowed me to switch over to the program of my choice-Animation and Multi-Media. I am indeed short of words in expressing gratitude to all at LPU who motivated me to be a real international figure today.

——— Ahsif Khan, Award Winner Filmmaker and Alumnus of LPU

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