Machine Learning- A Bonanza for the Education System
Machine Learning Machine Learning | A Bonanza for the Education System - The Knowledge Review

Machine Learning is gaining popularity in almost every field. The primary aim of this learning is to permit the computer to learn automatically without human assistance and fine-tune the actions accordingly which is why it is becoming notable to many. Here, the system will observe the data, its pattern and will make better decisions. A survey has predicted that over the next decade, 13.6 million new jobs will be created as the result of this technology which is winning the world with a top speed.

This technology has already taken over $70 million of the market and the count is crossing all the boundaries. As ML & AI has stolen most of the technology market, there is still one field where it can throw its vivid impression and that is the field of Education. Following are few ways in which Machine Learning can help to improve the education system in the near future.

Personalized Learning Experience

Teachers do not have to worry about the logs that they have to keep on every student. The machine itself will explain the concepts and establish the goals for every student. The reason behind this idea is to keep an eye on the students to see how each and every concept is “consumed” by the student. Thus, the teachers can see what methods are not working and what exact changes need to be done in the curriculum to make things easier.

Superior Organization of the Process

With the help of certain techniques, the machine will analyze what works best in organizing the content and analyzing more feasible concepts. Therefore, students will be happier as they will learn important things far way easier than before.

Forget about the Discrimination in Grading System

The grading system s will be no more affected by the attitude of the teaching faculties. The genuine performance of the students will be recorded and reflected in the results by the help of the machine.

Let us take an example of Turnitin which has developed Revision Assistant for the students. This program will review the student’s essays and will check for any plagiarism on which the total score will be generated. By doing this, students will see what changes can be made in their texts. Naturally, some assistance from the teachers will also be needed but such systems will surely reduce human interference to minimum.

It is a Machine as the Advisor!

After analyzing the performance, the machine will advise students some better options to learn new material. Some online programs have been constructed like online K-8 math to complement classroom instruction and to deliver the results.

Matching Up Students and Teachers

Worried about the availability of teachers? Well, not an issue. Machine Learning software will allow matching of students that are seeking help and the available teachers. No appointments and no need to fix another meeting in your busy schedule.

‘New Classroom’ is a program which calls out to generate personalized reports for students based on the speed of learning. Students come as they are and the program adapts to them. This makes learning a pleasure.

Thorough Feedback Package for Students and Teachers

The machine will not only be concerned for the grades but also for the feedback based upon the analyzed data and will do the best practical analysis. It all depends on how the machine is programmed and is taught to analyze the progress of the students. The same is applicable for the teachers which will show what parts of their job needs adjustments. Students will come to know which pattern they should follow and will fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Machine Learning is the way to speed up the progress in educational requirements. This will help school equip them better and help them to prepare kids for developing demands of the job market. In addition, it is a known fact that the size of the classrooms are expanding nowadays and teachers need help to be able to give proper attention to every student in an unbiased manner. This will give a plunge to the education field to a brand new level and one can hope to see the positive results of machine learning in the future of education.


  • Ashwini S. Deshpande

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