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The Mass Media Department at Nagindas Khandwala College aims to help learners acquire written, oral and organizational skills-both as leaders and team members that are effective and persuasive. They recognize that each student is different and they celebrate this difference with gusto.

Since mass media is directly connected with the masses, it comes across as one of the most influential and versatile industries in the country. This being, the job of professionals in this field is fraught with responsibilities. The industry initially started out with newspapers and magazines as a medium to connect with the masses. However, today the definition of media has broadened to incorporate an array of sub-disciplines such as TV, radio, Internet and the likes.

Professionals in mass communication play a vital role in the growth of any nation due to their immense accessibility to the masses. The strong influence that media has over people’s life is one of the probable reasons which attracts youngsters to pursue a career in this industry.

The Mass Media Department at Nagindas Khandwala College considers communication as an imperative for development and is committed to serving society by providing world class teaching, training and research, thus preparing students to take on the challenges of a highly competitive world. It works as a destination for all those who want to reach heights in the field of media and communication studies.

Unique State-of-the-art Facilities

At Nagindas Khandwala, they recognize that the students are audio-visual & kinaesthetic learners. Thus, the teaching-learning methodology implemented is to match these requirements. A problem-solving approach with a hands-on learning experience is encouraged with case studies used as tools, to understand the current trends in the media industry.

For students, newspapers and media-related magazines are textbooks. Role plays, management games and group discussions, supplement the teaching-learning process. Starting from the first semester, students are trained to make presentations. This is to encourage them to work in teams and develop a spirit of leadership and accommodation.

Moreover, to help understand how novels are converted into screenplay, students are encouraged to watch movies. NKBMM’s teaching-learning methodology is strengthened by their autonomous status.

Additionally, students in Advertising & Journalism are taken to malls to observe window dressing, consumer behavior, product placements, and direct marketing techniques that are followed. Periodic revision of the syllabi in tandem with the industry trends sends out batches of students ready to face the current opportunities and challenges of the dynamic media industry.

Bright Future of Students

The teaching-learning methodology and boot camps have made their students industry ready. The emphasis on moral and ethical values where the means justify the end has helped them to build up the sense of responsibility along with a sense of integrity and uprightness. They have understood the power of the digital media and have learnt to harness it with accountability. With the help of a strong and well-placed alumnus, their students are getting sound mentorship in the media industry.

An Erudite Leader

Dr. Ancy Jose, Principal of Nagindas Khandwala College, aims to provide education in line with today’s needs so as to bring out the best in the students and make them worldly wise. She strongly believes that educational institutions provide raw material for the industry and the economy. Thus, she has initiated and motivated the faculty towards achieving high performance and improving their effectiveness as teachers of the future generation. Moreover, Dr. Jose gives encouragement and guidance to aid the staff with research. She has personally counseled various teachers for undertaking research.

Words of Trust

“The Department of Mass Media of Nagindas Khandwala College has not only been a guiding light but has also helped in motivating numerous lost students towards the path of Life. I cannot fathom the immense care and proper guidance given to me in my College years which resulted in where I am today.”

_ Shreya Bhandary, Special correspondent, Hindustan Times

“It’s one thing to have a good institute but a completely different thing to find an institute that works as per the needs and demands of every student. The BMM department of NKC will always remain close to my heart for it is here that I learnt to let go off my inhibitions and strive to achieve more.”

_ Shahnawaz Khan, Freelance Video Editor

“Our teachers are technologically very efficient and teach us in a manner we don’t forget. We are made to think and interact. We are so proud of our faculty for enhancing our growth each lecture. We are exposed to various events which grow us as a better and a smarter person.”

_Dhwani Shah TY-BMM (Journalism)

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