Maharashtra cancels Final Year exams, students to get aggregate scores
Maharashtra Student Exams

The government is to cancel the university exams at the end of the year in Maharashtra. In the previous semesters, the students will be classified for their aggregate grades, as told by the State’s CM.

CM Uddhav Thackeray met Minister of Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant and Minister of State Prajakt Tanpure to bring an end to the uncertainty surrounding university examinations in the state of Maharashtra on 31 May 2020.

A video conference was held and the vice-chancellor of Mumbai University and other non-agricultural university officials also attended the meeting.

Then, CMO Maharashtra, the twitter handle tweeted, “I held a meeting of Vice-Chancellors yesterday regarding final year college exams. They unanimously said that the present circumstances do not allow for examinations to be held immediately as it is risky for lakhs of students to come together for exams.”

The pandemic of coronavirus in this state will lead to students participating in exams to improve their scores in September, October, or November.

Thackeray also posted on new state admissions. He noted that officials would focus on online university learning. With the growing pandemic events, people have been closed in, so that they can be transferred to E-learning. The government also addressed this with the providers of the mobile network, the CM said.

Pune University also announced that from 16 July 2020, UG students will undergo final year examinations. It can be hard to tell whether varsities like SPPU that has announced their decision to carry out the exams, will cancel or continue to enforce the program, as the Chief Minister orders the state universities now to encourage students based on aggregated markings. The condition is the most numerous with growing numbers of coronaviruses every day. Students should take a look at Mumbai University’s official website for the latest updates.

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