Mary Faulkner: Establishing a Harmonious Equilibrium between Existing Norms and Aspirational Possibilities
Mary Faulkner
Mary Faulkner

Mary Faulkner emerges as a dynamic thought leader whose outlook defies convention, focusing not only on ideation but also on the pivotal transition from ideas to tangible impact. Her perspective on the “thought leader” designation is a departure from the norm, rooted in the transformative power of turning visionary concepts into actionable change within the realm of HR and business leadership. With a distinctive approach, Mary challenges conventional wisdom and strives to establish a harmonious equilibrium between existing norms and aspirational possibilities.

Her co-leaders at IA often remark on her unparalleled real-world experience in spearheading complex HR functions, which imparts her guidance with a grounded “art of the probable” perspective, lending exceptional credibility to her insights. Recognized for her philosophy of “building” rather than merely “maintaining,” Mary’s journey is marked by her innate drive to solve problems and revamp the ordinary, an attribute that naturally positioned her at the helm of transformation efforts within organizations. Her role as an advisor now extends her impact across diverse entities, each step aligned with her overarching mission of elevating the quality of work experiences. In an era of evolving work paradigms, Mary stands as a perceptive observer, steering the conversation toward a balanced coexistence of advanced technology and human-centric values, all the while nurturing a strong commitment to making the workplace a better space for all.

Challenging Conventions

Mary Faulkner’s perspective on the term “thought leader” is unique, emphasizing the vital transition from ideas to action within the realm of ideation. With a distinct approach to shaping the mindset of HR and business leaders, Mary challenges conventions and seeks equilibrium between existing norms and aspirational possibilities. Colleagues often recognize her grounding in “the art of the probable,” attributed to her real-world experience in steering HR functions for intricate organizations, lending a strong sense of credibility to her counsel.

A strong advocate of problem-solving and proactive change, Mary often states, “I build, I don’t maintain.” Known for her ability to envision alternatives that yield superior outcomes, she has never been one to remain passive when improvements can be enacted. Mary’s track record showcases her integral role in transformation initiatives within organizations, a stepping stone to her current advisory position where she guides multiple entities simultaneously. Her overarching objective remains consistent – to enhance the work experience, recognize the significance of work in our lives, and advocating for a better quality of work life.

Strategic Decision-Making

The current juncture in the world of work intrigues Mary, characterized by the delicate balance between advanced technology and human interactions. The rise of AI presents both opportunities and challenges, with the urgency to implement often overshadowing the consideration for long-term consequences and the requisite process optimization. Mary highlights the significance of strategic decision-making in this context, anticipating the need for reskilling those affected by technological shifts, a historically unmet challenge.

As an avid reader and follower of innovative thinkers online, Mary maintains a steady influx of fresh perspectives. Regular briefings with industry providers further enrich her insights, allowing her to remain attuned to the evolving landscape.

The concept of “originality” holds a nuanced significance for Mary. While novelty is valuable, she emphasizes that being different doesn’t always equate to being better. Her approach is grounded in contemplation, often adopting a wait-and-see stance to assess the true impact of industry changes before taking a definitive position.

Uncovering the Underlying Issues

A defining moment in Mary’s career was her intervention with a team burdened by a negative reputation. The perception of their inefficiency shifted as she introduced a meticulous measurement process, uncovering the underlying issues and presenting data-backed insights that reshaped organizational perspectives.

Collaboration and engagement with exceptional individuals have been integral to Mary’s journey. Openness to questions and opportunities has fostered innovative dialogues and debates, driving the exploration of uncharted territories.

Characterized by her knack for asking transformative “what if” questions, Mary’s career has been marked by instances where her inquiries spurred significant advancements. Her inclination to challenge norms led to a pivotal moment when she questioned a CEO’s trust in his team’s capabilities, prompting a shift toward a more autonomous work culture.

Embracing Authenticity

Despite her intrinsic reluctance to self-promote, Mary has cultivated a reputation for thought leadership through genuine interactions, idea sharing, and mutual respect.

Nurturing an online presence has presented its challenges, particularly in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Mary’s approach has been rooted in authenticity, sharing only what genuinely piques her interest and aligns with her perspective.

Mary advocates for maintaining independence among “thought leaders.” Transparency about compensation for contributions is paramount, ensuring integrity in thought leadership.

Her advice for aspiring thought leaders is to embrace authenticity. Mary suggests putting one’s voice out there without forcing a curated image, focusing on quality over quantity, and letting followers and credibility naturally follow suit.

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