Maurice Collis: Embodying a Lifelong Commitment to Facilitating Growth
Maurice Collis
Maurice Collis

In the realm of Leadership and Human Resources (HR) expertise, Maurice Collis emerges as a beacon of insightful guidance and transformative strategies. With a rich background as the driving force behind Agility’s Leadership and Organizational Development Programs, Collis embodies a lifelong commitment to facilitating growth and fostering excellence. His journey, rooted in a profound desire to make a meaningful impact, has led him to offer invaluable insights into evolving trends within the leadership landscape. Through his extensive engagement in literature, ongoing learning, and dedicated networking, Collis has positioned himself at the forefront of innovative leadership paradigms.

His distinct approach, marked by a shift away from micromanagement and toward empathy, compassion, and holistic mentorship, reflects the dynamic nature of contemporary leadership. Drawing from over four decades of experience that spans both public and private sectors, Collis has honed an acute understanding of leadership dynamics and transformational learning. His embodiment of the principles he espouses, along with the publication of influential books and regular thought-sharing on platforms like LinkedIn, exemplifies his role not merely as a thought leader but as a catalyst for empowering leaders to embrace nobility, honor, and the future of work in their pursuit of lasting success.

Spearheading the Leadership and Organizational Development

Maurice Collis has never really thought of himself as a thought leader but rather as someone who may have insights on trends in Leadership and HR with a focus on learning and development. He utilizes his skills and knowledge by spearheading the Leadership and Organizational Development Programs at Agility.

It has been an evolving journey for him, based on a desire to help people. He hopes that through his work and writing, aspiring leaders may reflect on the message and change the way they work significantly to improve their own working lives and that of others.

According to Maurice, leadership is changing for sure. It’s now essential that leaders do not micromanage. The pandemic opened up new capabilities that leaders needed to acquire such as empathy, compassion, and curiosity. Leaders are no longer seen as mere commanders but as facilitators of growth and transformation. They serve as coaches, mentors, and guides, helping their teams unlock their full potential and achieve collective success.

Capitalizing on New Opportunities

Maurice believes that continuously browsing articles, reading books, listening to business news, and talking to people is quite important. Leaders and individuals alike should continue their learning and exploration to remain relevant, make informed decisions, and capitalize on new opportunities. Trends do emerge often with weak signals.

He emphasizes that reading is one thing, but observation and reflection are crucial. For example, earlier generations asked questions about pay and reward, but the recent generations, although interested in pay and reward, will focus on new questions about a company’s sustainability policies. New generations focus more on meaning and purpose.

Maurice commenced his career with Royal Mail in the UK. After 21 years, he wanted to experience the private sector and an international career. Moving from the public to the private sector wasn’t easy. It took determination, adaptability, and a willingness to take a lower-status position to learn and progress again.

Facilitating Meaningful Connections

Maurice considers networking essential. Those “collisions” people have at their workplace and externally are where creativity originates. Through his work, Maurice is able to bring together many people, facilitating meaningful connections and gathering valuable insights through these collaborative efforts. Ultimately, a lot is learned from them.

The Leadership Program developed by Maurice for Agility has recently been described as “life-changing” and “transformational.” Its effects are rippling throughout the organization with improved performance, engaging leadership, and the creation of new connections with a diverse group of talents across the organization.

One of the primary messages of the leadership program is to be aware that power can breed arrogance. In his early years, Maurice may have been guilty of that, but Stephen Covey’s message “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs” had a deep impact on him. It moved him away from focusing on himself into creating other, better leaders. This transformation led to the formation of the Leadership Development Program at Agility.

Providing Value to Broad Business Community

Maurice tends to publish his thoughts and updates regularly on LinkedIn, aiming to provide value to the broad business community, and his messages resonate with them. He has also written two business books. One about the first months of a new employee at work – “Living in the Dark Shadow of Opinion.” The other is his leadership book based on the importance of character – “Leading with Nobility and Honour.”

Leading with Nobility and Honour

The term “thought leader” started to emerge about seven years ago for Maurice. Just as in his book “Leading with Nobility and Honour,” he believes you really have to focus on ethical and positive behaviors that impact effectively on those around you and those who read your work.

Maurice doesn’t think being a thought leader is something you aspire to be. According to him, “Your experience and thinking create a mastery of thought in your specialist area, and as a result, you can connect the dots of the weak signals to see something that may not be readily apparent to others.” He felt this a few years ago when he started to build DEI principles and the Future of Work into their Leadership program. It was a necessity as people’s awareness is more acute, and the way we work is changing rapidly.

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