MIT World Peace University: Liberating Free Thinkers of the Human Race
mit world peace university

Humans, as a collective society, have transitioned from the agrarian society to the wide, astonishing urban scape we all live around. Having such an exciting journey, we opted for and are still opting for noble professions like engineering, life sciences, business management, and technology. In the midst of taking humanity forward, the integration of our surroundings along with various disciplines – gave rise to art enthusiasts pursuing Liberal Arts.

Being a unique kind of discipline that facilitates an opportunity to connect science, the surrounding and the living ecosystem, we have found a bridge that very well connects to happy living with the zeal of artifying the surrounding ecosystem.

As known globally, art connects humans with their life. This leads to adherence to the innate potential of an individual and brings joy and peace while adding a sense of freedom to life. Moreover, it ignites the light in humans to learn, express and understand themselves precisely. May it be their immense happiness, liveliness, sorrows, etc., of their life.

This can also be understood through the excerpts of Rabindranath Tagore:

“That side of our existence whose direction is towards the infinite seeks not wealth, but freedom and joy.”

  • Rabindranath Tagore

Following the footsteps of Rabindranath Tagore and acknowledging the need for art in today’s time and age, Liberal Arts is not only redefining art but also humanity in the sense of skills, and arts, defining the medium to express themselves. When it comes to learning art, Liberal Arts primarily aims to liberate people so that they can perform fullest of their potential.

However, seven secular educational subjects from Liberal Arts were codified in late Roman antiquity in the middle-ages and renaissance. The subjects were Trivium- Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric- and the quadrivium- Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy and Music.

But, with technological advancements, the subjects are modified based on in-demand soft skills like critical thinking and many more skills. Moreover, the institutes of Liberal Arts are flourishing in the Indian education space.

Catering to the need for Liberal Arts education, MIT World Peace University provides a four-year graduate program in Liberal Arts in its School of Liberal Arts, Dr Vishwanath Karad MITWPU, Pune.

It constantly strives to develop the structure and provide interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches for the holistic development of students.

While venturing for The Prestigious Liberal Arts Institutes of the Year, we crossed MITWPU and interacted with the Head of the School, Dr Preeti Joshi. During our conversation about MITWPU, she enlightened us with the inception story of the institute, and her journey in MITWPU also highlighted the institute’s vision, mission and future endeavours.

After knowing the gist of the school, dive down for more in-depth information about the institute and the pedagogical enhancements.

The Genesis Story of a Liberal School

The MITWPU School of Liberal Arts was established in 2017, and within a short time, the institute achieved a place amongst the top colleges.

Since its inception, it has achieved success and developed constantly. The school provides various diverse programs such as BA Liberal Arts, BA (Hons) English/Political Science/Psychology and has started the postgraduate programs and Ph. D. Centre.

The school received 2nd rank in the Pune region and 91st at the national level in India Today Ranking, 2021-22, and 2020. It was also ranked the 3rd Best School in Pune in India Today Ranking, 2020. Whereas, in the west zone, it was ranked 12th for Arts Discipline in The Week, 2021, and at the India level, it was placed 49th for Arts Discipline in The Week, 2021.

Apart from recognition and achievements, the school provides four-year graduation programs with multiple exit options to students, where they can choose their majors from a basket of subjects- Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Applied Arts, Management, Law, Media Studies and Psychology. The education in Liberal Arts focuses explicitly on holistic development through an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

MITWPU constantly strives to develop the program structure considering the importance of the interdisciplinary approach. The School has added unique courses which are multidisciplinary, emphasising the practical approach. Students gain practical knowledge via application-based assessments, exposure to the industry and the latest industry trends.

The diverse courses, such as Graphology, Discovering Self, Music Therapy, etc., are provided for the holistic development of the students. The internship has been a mandatory component to ensure the students’ overall development.

MITWPU School of Liberal Arts is working on introducing Indic Studies, Philosophy and Consciousness Studies to offer even more opportunities to the students. The school has also developed Certificate courses in the field of Psychology, looking to the trend towards Psychology.

A Dynamic Leader

Dr Preeti Joshi is the head of the MITWPU School of Liberal Arts. She has 15 years of teaching experience and eight years of research experience. Being in such a noble profession, she has presented a research paper titled, ‘Language Jugglery: Globality, Locality, and Hybridity’ at an interdisciplinary International Conference organised by the International Journal of Arts and Sciences in association with the University of London, UK.

Dr Preeti completed her PhD, M.Phil., and MA (English), B. Ed. From top-ranked universities. She is the recipient of the Prestigious FUR Fellowship for His Holiness Dalai Lama Studies. She is also a lifetime member of CCIS (Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies), University of Colombo.

Being a prominent and enthusiastic learner, she received an award for ‘The best Student Research Paper Award and Session’s Best Presentation Award. She also published an English reference book, ‘Lingua Shrunka of Modern Communication’, in January 2017.

She is a recognised Ph. D. guide and Chairperson for the Board of Studies for the School of Liberal Arts, MITWPU. Under her guidance, the school primarily focuses on developing the student’s research, innovation, design thinking and entrepreneurship skills. However, innovative assessment patterns are introduced to ensure the students’ learning applicability. Also, it emphasised international exposure through MOUs with Academia and industry.

Big Thinking Precedes Great Achievement!

While talking about the story of MITWPU School of Liberal Arts, Dr Preeti highlights the vision and says, Developing 21st century Liberal Arts Leaders based on social sensitivity and ethical approach to empower society globally.”

Later, she slides down and highlights the mission statement, and says,

  • Creating multi-perspective and multi-skilled leaders.
  • Integrating Science, Technology, Spirituality, Arts and Skills for creativity and innovation.
  • To facilitate the development of holistic and interdisciplinary perspective for addressing social issues.”

And while stating the school’s core values, she says, Peace module, Mentor-mentee sessions, Industrial visits, Rural immersion, National immersion, International immersion.”

Providing Opportunities and Liberty to Budding Leaders

The school is fully equipped with Psychology labs and the latest apparatus, conducting various industrial visits and mandatory internships nationally or internationally. The school focuses on a student-centric approach by providing funds for research and organising rural, national and international immersions, motivating innovation, leadership, creative design, strategic social management, etc. The University also has an incubation centre which provides all kinds of support to budding entrepreneurs.

In India, the Liberal Arts concept is still uncommon, and it is the biggest challenge to convince people and connect to the various specialisations provided under Liberal Arts. As the term suggests, the students should have a liberal approach and can take up courses in Psychology, Law and Music fields. MITWPU School of Liberal Arts provides various courses to students that help them to develop their personalities holistically.

Battle of Wills!

Liberal Arts happen to be a new field as far as India is concerned. Many people are unaware of the enormous scope for the graduates who opt for Liberal Arts. There is no single profession where Liberal Arts graduates will not accommodate. At the same time, Liberal Arts graduates are required in all occupations.

Understanding these intricacies of the field, the School provides more scope to students as they get knowledge of various courses of their interest, which helps them move ahead in the area of their choice. And changing the mindset of people from common engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and information technology to Liberal Arts is a big challenge.

Guiding Free Minds

The graduates in Liberal Arts become free thinkers, open communicators, adaptive to circumstances, accommodative in nature, and knowledgeable and respectful persons. Creative and critical thinking is a mandatory subject in Liberal Arts. It transforms the students and their mindset into individuals who devote services to social work and the development of society.

Liberal Arts offers one of the best careers with a lot of prosperity and success in life. It provides the platform for creating change and outperforming others.

Adding Colours to the Sky

The School of Liberal Arts, MITWPU, is marching towards greater heights and will be a unique institute in a couple of years. Liberal Arts is a multidisciplinary education that includes a blend of courses from different disciplines such as Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Management, Engineering, Law, Technology, and many others. Liberal Arts help in preparing individuals for future uncertainties.

Liberal Arts, is the new change in the Indian Education System, and people now understand its importance.

Sketching down more future strategies of the institute, Dr Preeti postulates, “Liberal Arts constructs leaders who can create, collaborate, inspire, and innovate. As graduates of Liberal Arts, one has proficiency in the primary courses they choose and get interdisciplinary knowledge. The various courses offered to students have been provided with minor concentrations. The MITWPU School of Liberal Arts is all prepared to leave no stone unturned towards its journey of success.”

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