MIT’s open ventilators for Coronavirus Patients.

The coronavirus pandemic has started worsening and the hospitals around the globe have started experiencing shortage of essential items such as masks and gloves and disinfectants for patients. The major instrument that has been experiencing shortage for a while now is the ventilator that is being used to treat the coronavirus patients. These are the only instruments that could help keep the COVID-19 patients alive if the disease becomes severe.

MIT has developed an open-source ventilator that is known as the MIT E-vent. This ventilator could get the approval really soon. This project had begun really early on in MIT and now it has been modified to suit the recent needs. The students had designed this ventilator for the purpose of providing the same to isolated, deserted and rural areas, where the people do not have access to proper medical facilities.

When the ventilators started facing a short supply, this project moved on with a fast pace and cheap and efficient ventilators were being made. Only the very severe cases of COVID-19 patients require ventilators and these ventilators would be really helpful if they were been approved. There have been warnings from the authorities that the severe cases of Coronavirus would increase to thousands. US is under orders to refrain from travelling outside unless it was for essential items.

There have been no legal notices and the US President has decided to call off the lockdown and restart the economy as they had experienced a grave downfall. Against the advice of many, the country may restart its economy.

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