Being Multilingual – Providing an Upper Hand to Youngsters
Being Multilingual
Being Multilingual

The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes

Ever since humans have existed in the world, there has been one or the other means through which they have corresponded with each other. It’s interesting to know that as the human mind started evolving they started noting down things using symbols and drawings. The cave paintings have been extremely popular in generating curiosity among modern man. Though we are yet to find out what most of it means, it is assumed that it mostly depicts the day to day activities they involved in or even the animals they encountered. Many of them also contained descriptions of various grains and the food they would consume. With changing times and circumstances, different languages evolved, which is what we have learnt to understand. As of today there are over 6500 languages spoken in the world, out of which Mandarin is the most spoken one.

Utilizing Languages for Further Enhancements

The education sector has been providing a base for all children and youngsters in shaping their future. It instills knowledge and makes them aware of the requirements of the world. When children start going to school, it is evident they already know atleast two languages. The world of technology has also made it easier to gain an insight into the diverse languages usable. Each corner of the world has different languages and learning the same can prove to be extremely beneficial yet fun for every youngster. Schools usually tend to give options for some languages to be opted as electives. But as they say, the more, the merrier. Here’s a glimpse of what one can expect to yield from indulging in multiple languages which is necessary for a communicative species.

Improvement of Decision Making – It has definitely occurred to everyone that when they need to make a quick or sudden decision it usually takes a while. But there are instances when one needs to decide something and they think it not just in the common tongue but in their own mother tongue as well. This usually leads to effective decisions making. This is due to languages having their own subtle implications and biases that may sub–consciously, influence the judgments. And thinking anything a second time in a language other than one’s own can yield better outcomes.

Creates Employment Opportunities and Multicultural Understanding – When one learns to speak multiple languages they find themselves at an advantage from the employment point of view. Also according to a survey, the next decade will see a demand of recruiters seeking people efficient in Spanish and Mandarin speaking skills. Globalism has indeed given a push for other languages to gain prominence. Small local companies can also stand as an advantage to those youngsters who know the way to speak at least two languages. Apart from this, it is known that each language is connected to varied perspectives. But, by having the ability to speak a particular one individuals are able to step into the shoes of the locals for a short duration. Speaking in the local language allows one to forge a different yet familiar sort of connection. Imagine a situation where being in a new country and you communicate only in English while missing out on an authentic conversations with the locals. Languages are the key to establishing familiarity with people as it creates a level of comfort.

Boost Memory Functions – Just like the human body requires a workout to help it stay healthy and function efficiently the mind needs work as well. Utilizing more of the brain can help in improving its memory ability. Learning a new language boosts the interest of an individual hence allowing the brain to familiarize itself with vocabulary and rules as well. This also enhances the recalling ability of a person as the brain gives quick results. This allows people to remember directions, facts, names and figures in a thorough manner.

Assists in Warding off Alzheimer and Dementia- Since the mind is constantly in use with multiple functions, students are at an advantage with regard to the brain health. It has been observed in certain studies that people who speak two or more languages are at a lower risk of contracting brain illnesses early on in their lives. The approximate age given for the first signs to develop is seventy five years.

The languages are a never ending stream that does not have any fixed rules. They are open for everyone to explore and hold a history older than the entire population of the world. It is indeed a marvelous field of study and helps in contributing to every youngster’s knowledge base.

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