New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic: Mediating Supportive Learning with Compassion
New Day Learning
New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic

Education is the single most important factor responsible for not only the growth of the individual indulging in it but also societal upliftment, among other positive benefits. Hence, uncompromising accessibility to education is something that not only one needs but deserves, as it is the right of every student to receive a proper education.

But, in a world where not everyone enjoys similar sets of privileges, education needs to be catered to mend according to each person’s requirements. In terms of accessibility, everyone has a part to play. But, if it is incorporated through learning content right from the start and not bolted on as an afterthought, it accelerates growth and helps creates a community of inclusivity.

Provisioning learners with equipment and guidance to enhance their learning experience so that they are not left out regarding quality education is crucial. Whether a person has a limitation or not, convenience in education ensures that everyone has equal access to educational opportunities, services, and information.

Assistive technology, supportive educators, corroborative curriculum, and many more facilities help create better opportunities for students and, in hindsight, set aloft the blazing talents which would have been overlooked otherwise.

But when it comes to thinking about accessibility, the important and frequently neglected event is a lack of ownership. It is mostly the obligation of education providers to diversify educational channels to ensure comprehensibility.

Being mindful of this aspect and implementing the right accessibility initiatives, New Day Learning and Therapy is the perfect example of education providers who know how to look after pupils who need a bit of facilitation in order to showcase their true potential.

From incorporating special educational programmes with assessments to therapy and treatment, New Day Learning and Therapy is the torch bearer who is enlightening the lives of students whose needs are different.

New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic (NDL) is located in Bangkok, Thailand and offers a special education programme which is adapted from the UK National Curriculum. It establishes a supportive learning system for children with special educational needs with the involvement of its special education teachers and licensed therapists and with the help of each student’s family participation.

New Day Learning is a child-centred, whole, community approach to supporting a child with different learning needs. The programme brings together everyone in a child’s life to create a well-rounded learning environment both at home and at school. Together its students learn important cognitive and social-emotional skills to build a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

New Day Learning Programmes are designed with the child in mind. It works with the understanding that building a strong support system around the child helps them in their development. Its professionals believe in working closely with families to create a consistent approach to learning for each child. The programme is tailored towards the individual needs of each child and family’s needs.

With a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on Human Resource Development and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, New Day Learning and Therapy is nurtured by Paula Stavornvisit, its Special Education Director & Program Coordinator. Paula has collectively over ten years of experience in teaching adults and children, training and talent development, and behavioural intervention.

To get well acquainted with the initiatives of New Day Learning and Therapy and their exceptional resources, The Knowledge Review had an interview with Paula.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please introduce us to New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic’s history and its journey since its inception. Do share stories, incidents and experiences that motivated the founders to establish the Institute.

New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic was founded by a team of interdisciplinary educators and therapists who believe that by having a child-centred approach to learning and combining their efforts then, each child has a better chance of growing into their best self.

The name New Day Learning actually came from a saying that some teacher friends and I used to say often. There would be days that we faced challenges when we worked with our students, or our students faced their own personal challenges, but we knew at the end of the day that tomorrow would be a ‘new day.’ Tomorrow we could try again and overcome the hurdles that impacted the previous days. It would take hard work, but we could continue and move forward, adapt, and grow.

The saying started to drift into the conversations we had with parents when they shared their own struggles and difficulties. It was always a glimmer of hope that let us know we could try again tomorrow if today didn’t go our way, “tomorrow is a new day.” So thus, the saying has taken on its own place as the name of New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic.

Kindly brief us about the featured person and their contribution to the school’s growth.

I believe in the collaboration between family, educators and therapists to create an interdisciplinary learning environment. I have previously worked in the United States as a therapist to children and families with special education needs. My experience is in both school and home, working with students with a variety of needs.

What are the course objectives and expected learning outcomes for the students at New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic?

It is New Day Learning’s objective for students to learn and grow in an environment where they can flourish to become independent adults.

Please mention New Day Learning & Therapy Clinic’s most notable achievements, accolades, and awards.

We have been allocated with many generous honours, but our most prestigious accords are:

  • Seesaw Ambassador
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Public Health Thailand.

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