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Best Performing Higher Education Institutions in 2022

The perspective of the world is changing with the constant advancements in technology. Today, the world we see is different from the one we witnessed a few years earlier. Moreover, the world the young generation sees will have a completely different outlook until they reach their prime.

With the change in perspective, outlook and thought process of different things, what changes is the approach to the future. The future is predictable and unpredictable at the same time. To prove this, everyone across the globe predicted that EdTech would bloom in the coming years. However, it would be hard to believe if anyone would have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, which now seems never-ending.

One of the catalysts that trigger the growth of this new perspective, bringing that into reality, is the higher education providers. Universities, colleges, and institutes are catalysts that bring the new perspective’s inception for the younger generation to light. In India, higher education holds very peculiar importance in deciding the careers of the younger generation. Overall, it grooms them in their chosen field. It has now become the responsibility of the higher education providers to hone students’ skills and make them industry-ready.

Going through the statistics, in the academic year 2019-20, around 38.5 million students enrolled for higher education in India. As the signs indicate steady growth in the number of admissions, universities, colleges, and institutions need to update their academics and prepare the students for the new perspective that will change for the better.

Today, technology, arts, and business have become major career streams in India. Being home to some of the best performing colleges in each field, the demand for quality education and helping students hone their skills has become the need of the hour.

For this edition of The Knowledge Review, we explored through various higher education providers that are revolutionising, enhancing, and improving their educational standards as per the needs of the new generation.

This edition, ‘Best Performing Higher Educational Institutes in 2022’, aims to educate the reader about how the higher educational institutions in India are preparing, honing and making the students eligible for the new perspective of this highly modern and technological world. Along with giving detailed information about the best performing higher education providers in India, helping students stand out of the crowd.

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  • Ashlesh Khadse

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