New World International School: The Training Ground for Future World Changers
New World International School
New World International School

Al Khobar, located on the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emanates the pleasant aura of a seaside heaven whilst also retaining its standing as the ‘Commercial Heart of Saudi Arabia’. The city is a beautiful mix of awe-inspiring architecture, beaches drenched in tranquillity, bustling shopping centres, and the world’s longest causeways. In a nutshell, there is a lot of fun to be had in Al Khobar.

Of late, the city is also making a name for itself as a rising educational hub with foundationally sound colleges, an extensive higher education network, and illustrious schools. One such school in the city which has made a reputation for itself as a promising, nurturing, and inspiring learning environment is the New World International School.

New World International School (NWIS) was founded in 2003, based on the tenets of providing a nurturing and welcoming elementary school. Under the leadership of its Director, Mrs Shobha Anand, NWIS has grown steadily over the years into a premier international school in Al Khobar offering kindergarten (KG) to Grade 12. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education and is accredited by Cognia, besides being a registered Cambridge and Edexcel Centre.

The school now provides education to 2800 students. Housed in a premium locality, NWIS is a spacious facility with airy, bright, and well-decorated classrooms. It has two libraries that are well stocked with age-appropriate books which encourage reading for all students. The four IT labs have updated technology to deliver their robust curriculum. The science labs have been designed in compliance with Cambridge Assessments requirements.

NWIS is a sparkling school where cleanliness, safety, and the social and emotional well-being of its students and faculty is prioritized. It exudes a warm, nurturing, and family-like ambience, where the doors of communication are always open.

The vision and mission statement provides a roadmap for NWIS through its educational journey.

Vision Statement

To seek and provide a stimulating and enriching education to every child and inculcate a sense of worth and achievement through teamwork.

Mission Statement

To provide quality education to take the students towards a brighter future.

NWIS aims to:

  • Lead students to academic excellence through a well-aligned curriculum and experienced faculty members.
  • Foster mutual respect and understanding in students to fit into a multicultural environment.
  • Provide a safe, secure, and positive environment for the students entrusted in our care.
  • Develop a child’s initiative, self-confidence, and responsibility.

All-round Development

The school offers a wide range of courses and externally validated examinations, laying the foundation for lifelong learning. The Cambridge Checkpoint Exams (Primary) are conducted in grade 5, 6 and Checkpoint Secondary is conducted in grade 7 and continue into IGCSE/AS/A level completing High School.

It does not take long for visitors to the school to get a feel of the warmth and vitality that is so much a part of NWIS daily journey. The vibrant and rigorous academic and co-curricular activities, with outstanding caring educators at the helm, are designed with a clear intention for student engagement. NWIS students take ownership of their learning and will become befitting 21st century citizens armed with skills of thinking critically, working collaboratively, effectively communicating and being creative.

Every Child Matters

“We at NWIS set high expectations for our students, encouraging them to excel and raise the bar of excellence,” remarked the proud Director of NWIS – Mrs Shobha Anand. “It is our belief that young students thrive when engaged and excel when high expectations are set. Being the author of their own story helps each student develop a lifelong love for learning and self-esteem,” she added.

The school’s belief that ‘Every Child Matters’ leads it to incorporate best practices in teaching, have a consistent professional development programme for its faculty as well as give equal importance to the social and emotional wellness of its students.

NWIS traditions build a sense of community among students and faculty. Powered with a ‘Growth Mindset’, the students’ personalities resonate with positive thinking and action.

Holistic Growth

The students participate in a lot of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that include Public Speaking, Dramatics, Debating, and Model United Nations besides bagging the winning trophies in Basketball, Football and Cricket. The students are encouraged to enrol in afterschool Robotic and Abacus classes which have been met with a lot of enthusiasm. Seminars on global, social, emotional, and physical health issues are regularly conducted by students as they take responsibility and advocate for themselves.

The school’s volunteering program for the Seniors is a huge success as they earnestly mentor the youngsters in their reading, supervising them during the breaks or helping in the library. The encouragement and follow up of the teachers, including the fact that the student’s input is taken while finalising these events ensures maximum participation.

Bolstering Futures of Next Generations

NWITIANS are groomed to take on their role in the future equipped with the skills of a 21st century learner. Strategies applied to this end include blended learning and flipped classrooms, amongst other things. Teachers provide relevant websites and platforms to encourage students to share their material with the class and transform classrooms into conducive learning spaces.

NWIS is proud of its successful accreditation by Cognia with a high index of ‘Educational Quality’. The faculty of NWIS have also made their educational excellence footprint with their students topping the Cambridge Assessments Excellence Awards consistently for the past eight years, a feat which has motivated them to raise the bar to meet global competition.

NWIS has a 100% graduation rate as its students find placements in prestigious colleges all over the world.

Pandemic Times

At the onset of the pandemic, NWIS quickly adapted to virtual classrooms, with teachers delivering successful interactive live lessons online across all year groups. To ensure safety for all at NWIS, the management devised its Reopening Risk Assessment Plan adhering to all the protective measures stipulated by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

Aspiring to Make a Difference

“As we commit ourselves to educational excellence, we wish to see NWITIANS making their mark in the global society, putting their Alma Mater on the world map as a hallmark of resilience and empowerment,” commented Mrs Shobha Anand. “NWIS will do its utmost to give quality education to all ensuring that its students have been every opportunity to have a brighter future. We will help our students write great stories as they embark on their future,” concluded the astute Director of NWIS.

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