Noble Institute of Education Society– Offering High-Quality, Innovative, and Affordable Education for all

The institute aims to take digital training and skilling to every individual, regardless of their caste, religion, status, and gender

Noble Institute of Education Society (NIES) has aimed at achieving the highest quality of education in vocational education and IT course training since its inception. It was founded in 2002 with a motto of reaching those sections of people who cannot afford high training fees, to train them on the IT skills, and communication training, equipping for future jobs, and helping them to get a good job.

They charge very less fees for education, and sometimes even make it free. But they make sure that the infrastructure is no less than any premium high charging institute. Spreading across 4000 sq feet of area, they have a library and an e-library, 100s of systems, a big area for training domain, and a conference room. The institute has Wi-Fi enabled campus, with strict monitoring on quality of delivering training with CCTV camera. They also maintain logins for individual students in their e-learning area so that they can access their materials with ease.

As an aid to the learners, the institute also provides a separate online learning platform where they can gain knowledge on a variety of subjects irrespective of the course they have enrolled for.

Empowering with Education

Noble Institute supports and prepares students so that they can establish themselves and are able to have firm ground in digital India. They provide the highest quality of education and training with the lowest possible fees.

The institute started in 2002 with a vision of training above 5000 candidates. But as they already have crossed more than the targeted number of students and spread across more than that, now they have the vision of educating and training more than 15000 students in 5 years.

They have been accredited and recognized by various state, central, and international bodies. The institute’s most popular programs which are always in demand include courses on office automation, graphic designing courses, web designing and development courses, programming in popular programming languages such C, C++, JAVA, Python, and visual basic. They also cover scripting PHP, JAVA SCRIPT, VB Script, and so on. The institute also offers various other courses including B.Com, B. Tech, BBA, BCA, B. Sc., Diploma, M. Com, and so on.

Percipient Leadership

The key personality behind the success of Noble Institute is Dr. Roopa Rao, the CEO. She is a passionate leader driven by the zeal to achieve excellence in what she does. Dr. Roopa Rao is a Master and Ph.D. in Computer Science, and Masters in Psychology and Management. She has been honored with Doctorate by International peace academy for her social works.

She is also a multi-dimensional thinker. She has introduced various courses, innovative materials, and online access for students. Dr. Roopa Rao is an international trainer and coach, and also a hypnotist. Apart from this, she has also been featured by Karnataka Department of Public Information.

The NIES Experience

NIES provides more than education to the students. It provides the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience for betterment of the students. The institute provides scope of personality development of an individual. It gives them the time and opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills, and meet new people.

Over 15 years of experience, with more than 30 awards and recognition, NIES stands tall. Students leverage this rich experience in terms of quality education & guidance. It offers students the opportunity to broaden their horizons by meeting new people from all over the country, facing new challenges, and interacting with the huge range of alumni.

Remarkable Accomplishments

The institute has accomplished many noteworthy landmarks throughout its illustrious journey. They have been awarded by various national and international bodies for their dedicated training services. The institute has received many awards such as National Business Service Excellence Award, Global Quality Awards, World Wide Achievers, and Primetime Awards for Excellence. Noble Institute has started 30 days 30 student course for training and providing placement opportunities to the students. This program is completely free of cost.

Major Events Organized

Noble Institute conducts various events for the overall development of the students. They are always happy to help and support the learning community by offering them various activity based courses. They organize various events like certificate award function, anniversary functions, and other related competitions, curricular and extra-curricular activities. Also the institute conducts awareness camps on importance of digital India.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

Noble Institute has special tie-ups with various schools for nursery teachers and companies for providing placement opportunities to other students. Their students are working in prestigious companies including Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Schindler, Siemens, and so on. The institute is also working on offering all their courses in online mode with a completely live experience.

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