Online Tutoring Math Programs for Struggling Students

If you’re performing a search for “online tutoring math,” you’re probably wondering if this service is even practical. Fortunately, the research suggests that it is! A study in Online Learning found that when students who showed low achievement in math participated in an online tutoring math program, which required them to receive tutoring services twice per week for 20 weeks, their math assessment scores improved significantly. The students also mainly reported positive opinions about online math tutoring.

What’s even more encouraging about the above study is that the background research conducted as part of the study revealed that online maths tutoring is really effective. Companies that offer online services also tend to have a more significant impact than companies that only offer face-to-face tutoring. In addition, some studies show that online tutoring can produce almost two-thirds of one school year’s worth of growth among students struggling to learn math in a shorter time. That’s a sizable improvement!

Feeling Hopeless About Learning Math

If you’re feeling hopeless because it seems like you just can’t learn math, the first step is not to panic or beat yourself up over it. Math can be challenging to learn, and if you are struggling to pick up skills, it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you or that you can’t be successful. Maybe you just need a different teaching style to help you grasp the concepts.

If you’re struggling to learn math in the classroom setting, you can consider talking to your teacher about strategies you can use to be more successful. It might be that you are getting lost in the shuffle during class, but a one-on-one conversation could be helpful. When math becomes an ongoing struggle, online math tutoring at outside of class can help you to fill in the gaps.

Benefits of Online Tutoring for Math

You might not be too thrilled about shelling out extra money for math tutoring, but there are real benefits associated with this type of service. As noted above, online math tutoring is effective in improving math achievement. Beyond this benefit, consider the following pros of online math tutoring services:

  • They are tailored to your unique needs. When an instructor teaches math in a classroom setting, they cover a broad syllabus, but with online math tutoring, your tutor can focus on the specific areas where you’re struggling. For instance, maybe you don’t have too much trouble with graphing, but two-step algebraic equations or proofs cause you a headache. With online tutoring math programs, your tutor can hone in on the areas where you need improvement, so you can really focus on those rather than spending time on concepts you’ve already mastered.
  • They’re convenient. With an online tutoring program, you can learn math from the comfort of home. There is no need to travel to a physical location for lessons, so you save yourself time. Online programs also make tutoring more accessible, as they can work around your schedule, and you won’t have to worry about trying to find a location close to you.
  • They’re affordable. While the cost of in-person math tutoring can vary, online programs tend to be more affordable. Not only is the price of the program lower, but you also cut costs by not having to pay for transportation (think gas, wear and tear on your car) to get to an in-person lesson.

Don’t give up hope if you’re struggling to learn math. Recognize that more than a handful of people have felt what you’re feeling right now, and online tutoring math programs have helped them boost their math skills, so they no longer feel left in the dark.

Use Eurekly for Online Math Tutoring

Math learners who study with private tutors gain so many impressive advantages of a one-on-one, affordable, and flexible arrangement with tutors. Then, when they work through a site like, they benefit from a huge network of tutors to choose from—some with free trials and instant appointments.

Pair that with the chance to learn in virtual classrooms equipped with every software feature necessary to supercharge learning—and you see students excel. Learn what’s possible with Eurekly, a tutoring hub for math students, and more.

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