Osaka YMCA Gakuin Japanese Language School: Unlocking the Doors to Opportunities through Language Training
Osaka YMCA Gakuin Japanese Language School
Osaka YMCA Gakuin Japanese Language School

With the tides of globalization reaching the shores of the discipline of education, more and more students around the world can be seen inclining towards opting to study in different countries.

Advancement in technology has equipped students with knowledge and skills that  aid them to move to the country they desire. However, moving to another country, even though it has become easier, is still full of hurdles and being fluent in a native language is one of them.

Japan, among other East Asian countries, has a rich history and culture, which has mesmerized and inspired people around the world. Pertaining to these aspects, many students with a desire to explore the pristine country and delve into its culture, are opting to learn Japanese.

A myriad of language schools in Japan have been incepted to aid the dreams of aspiring young minds, and Osaka YMCA Gakuin Japanese Language School is a notable one among the prominent institutions, assisting its students to learn Japanese with a diverse and inculcative teaching methodology. We, at The Knowledge Review, consider it a privilege to introduce you to this esteemed school.

Thriving Since Inception

Established in 1969, Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School aimed first at helping foreigners residing in Osaka to acquire everyday conversational skills and understand Japanese culture.

After its successful venture, the school started accepting Asian International students who intended to study in Japan. The school developed full-time courses in 1985, and was also certified by the Association for the promotion of Japanese language education in 1989. Since then, the school has continuously been providing and enhancing its exceptional Japanese language education, which includes the development of teaching materials and a broad range of educational research.

The school is based in Tennoji area, a place famous for its sprawl skyscrapers and family-friendly green spaces. It comprises of about 20 classrooms wherein Japanese language classes are conducted, and also a library that has many books and learning material that aid the students in their language education endeavor.

Osaka YMCA Gakuin has plenty of space for joyous ceremonies and conducts joint classes on several occasions. The school has free Wi-Fi services helping its students to stay connected with the world and explore and learn in-depth about the Japanese culture.

Attaining Zeniths

Since its establishment, the school has been constantly striving to provide excellent educational quality to its students.

Following are the set of goals that Osaka YMCA Gakuin helps it students to achieve:

  • To acquire expertise and skills at Japanese Universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, etc.
  • To leverage language skills to make efforts for work, and
  • To interact with Japanese people and experience Japanese culture so as to expand students’ world

Attaining these goals requires impeccable proficiency in Japanese language. It is imperative towards flexibly adapting to new experiences and be open to others.

The Japanese language program at Osaka YMCA Gakuin has a comprehensively developed learning curriculum and diverse courses for constant language improvements. The school constantly upgrades the teaching methods and simultaneously updates its teaching material. In the words of its esteemed faculties, “We provide appropriate guidance according to each situation for individual students in learning and life.

Osaka YMCA Gakuin cultivates the Japanese language capabilities within its students that help them to take on active roles in specialized fields, the Japanese society, and the international scene. The school nurtures the minds of its students to be open to all the cultures of the world and help them discover their strengths.

Exemplifying Expertise

Sustaining an educational institute’s significance and proficiency requires personalities who care deeply about the institute’s mission and constantly strive to enrich students’ lives.

Miho Kameda, the Japanese Program Teaching Director is a figure who has been persistently developing educational programs so that its students can succeed.

She has, along with other notable Osaka YMCA staff members, written a few of the most reliable teaching material in Japan. She has always admired the students who have left their home countries to pursue their dreams.

At Osaka YMCA Gakuin, the staff encourages volunteer activities for international students with local residents. One of the volunteer activities that helps its students learn the language more effectively is the Japanese Tutor System.

It helps the students to improve their ability by communicating with local Japanese volunteers. Along the way, it opens a pathway for its students to learn about Japan’s society and culture in depth.

A Place of Opportunities

The school makes a continuous effort to create a diversified school setting by accepting students of different nationalities. Most students have their own agenda, some just want to learn the language, and some look for employment. Since Japanese schools are not allowed to serve employment opportunities to its students directly, the school consults a professional career coordinators. The coordinators visits the school once per week and helps students understand the nature of employment in Japan. They also provide information from general business managers and help the students find job sites according to their needs.

Osaka YMCA Gakuin has always placed its students’ autonomy at the center of its operations. The school wants its students to acquire all the essential skills that will help them to become better at learning, understanding and speaking Japanes, understand and respect the traditions and values of Japan, and develop into individuals who can efficiently pursue their dreams.

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