ShuoHao Language Center: Where Learning Chinese is Easy and Fun
ShuoHao Language Center
ShuoHao Language Center

What makes humans different from other animal species? One key aspect, which can be called out is our ability to conversate. Our language has become the basis of all our conversations and all-around developments. One might say, it is the key to our world. And now, with the world being connected and growing virtually closer, people are moving towards learning everything they can, especially other cultures and their values.

So, if you are working in Taiwan and want to enhance your language skills, or traveling down there, or even curious to learn or improve Chinese understanding, and immerse yourself fully into Taiwanese culture, then The Knowledge Review recommends getting yourself enrolled at ShuoHao Language Center.

The next obvious question is how do you learn Chinese? The most important part of learning is ‘Speaking’. Most times, textbooks and schools can teach the basics of everyday Chinese. However, in day-to-day and work-life scenarios, learning the true and authentic country language is a must. This is what you receive when you enroll at ShuoHao and obtain a lot of chances to speak within the small courses or in one-on-one classes that the school offers.

The name ‘ShuoHao’ truly describes the school’s purpose. Shuo 說 means ‘speaking’ or to ‘say’ and Hao 好 means ‘good’ or ‘well’. Therefore, the school serves the motive of speaking Chinese confidently and fluently. It is also aiming to reach the goal of effective communication while teaching in a convenient environment.

Why ShuoHao Language Center?

Established in 2018 and opening a new location in the heart of Taipei in 2019, the school Opens your World to Chinese. With its prestigious location nestled in the center of the City, the school is your best choice to learn Chinese and fully experience Taiwan. Whether you are traveling, taking courses after work in a busy schedule, or a manager who needs customized course content, ShuoHao is the place to visit.

The school runs diverse level of classes and includes groups, private, online and professional classes. It also understands the value of time, hence offers flexible courses that learners can choose on their preferred time.

Group Courses (Regular Course & Intensive Course)

Students can join the class as per their language level. They will get a chance to discuss the lessons with teachers and classmates achieving the purpose of language communication. The number of hours differs in regular vs. intense course.

Private Courses (One-on-One & One-on-Two)

This course provides the most flexible and convenient Chinese language training. The course also caters to people traveling with a friend and want to learn the language together. Allowing flexibility into travel and work timings, learners can learn about relevant interests or professions.

Online Courses

A course for those who are curious about the Mandarin language and wish to learn the language from a virtual place. Seekers can start learning online before arriving in Taiwan. They can also register online according to their preferences.

Corporate Training

A flexible and customizable course for professionals. The school acts as a bridge between your company and employees & staff to improve their language skills. Consequently, bringing efficiency at work and making them adjust to life in Taiwan.

Teacher Training

For individuals who want to teach the Chinese language to foreigners. The school organizes all-day workshops with different teaching topics to improve teaching skills by organizing customized lessons with modern teaching material.

Adding to the curriculum, ShuoHao organizes social events and culture workshops and continuously releases learning resources every week. It allows the growing community to keep learning both the Chinese language and cultural facts about Taiwan.

Furthermore, leveraging several years of teaching experience, adequate and qualified teachers teach Mandarin Chinese as a second language. Adding diversified monthly activities from cultural events to fun activities, ShuoHao generates extra interests and assures that people will make good memories through these activities.

Spreading Happiness with Love

ShuoHao truly understands the importance of language education in a healthy environment. “The attitude is important. We love what we do, and this helps us to set a healthy environment in our courses. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of our students arrive in our courses highly motivated.” The school has spent over one year in managing its brand and in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for the students. Optimizing both the student learning and motivational curve, the school presents itself as a corporate as well as a foreign-friendly accommodation organization.


Bruce is a British man who lived in Taiwan for 4 years running a tech company only with basic Chinese knowledge before starting to take business Chinese lessons at ShuoHao Language Center. While he had a successful career running a mid-sized business and a comfortable situation, he was brave enough to start learning Chinese. He started taking Chinese language courses a few years ago and currently follows intermediate level business Chinese courses. Bruce is the perfect example of positive student experience. With all ages, all professional situations, ShuoHao Language Center helps you build an international business. He quotes, “You can and should ‘Open your world to Chinese’”.

Sinan is a Turkish man who works as an international airline sales operations manager, started learning Chinese a few months ago at ShuoHao Language Center. Before he started to learn Chinese in the language center, he tried to learn Chinese with different private tutors, but it was not successful. The trial at our language center was effective. The high-quality teachers and the convenient teaching environment helped him to improve his Chinese quickly.

Chinese Significance and Future Learnings

The school believes that mastering Mandarin is a major key to improve career opportunities in Taiwan. It further emphasizes that the Chinese language is more than demanded in diverse jobs including Businesses, Human Resources, Engineering, and many more. “You may have an opportunity to travel abroad—and make a living doing so when mastering Chinese. Chinese language skills are a perk for employers and are often well-compensated. Some jobs value Chinese language skills over schooling.”

Concluding the interview, the school revealed its plans, “Currently, we are aiming to be a major school first in Taipei, and later in Taiwan before expanding in other locations abroad.”

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