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Students who pursue a liberal arts degree are prepared for a life of learning. Liberal arts education is a tool that students can use to address human issues and maximise human potential. It will help the pupils to develop mental habits that aid in both professional and personal growth and learning.

A liberal arts education develops its students into intriguing, well-rounded individuals who are better able to appreciate their interactions with others and the environment around them. This is because Liberal Arts education covers a wide range of topics, which liberates the mind and fosters intellectual and conceptual openness.

It improves students’ capacity to place individuals, objects, and events in a wider context, allowing them to map connections between other academic disciplines, objects, and concepts. The liberal arts build a mind that enjoys itself and prepare pupils to understand and appreciate human inventiveness, imagination, and achievement.

The School of Liberal Arts at P P Savani University, Surat, India, was founded while keeping these specialities of liberal arts education in mind. It is a rapidly growing institution that provides exceptional educational opportunities to students who seek to expand their intellectual horizons.

The concept of Liberal Arts, as it is taught at the P P Savani University, encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including literature, psychology, international relations, public administration, journalism and media studies, economics and fine and performing arts. The school prides itself on promoting critical thinking, creative expression, and a holistic understanding of the world.

Fully Integrated Higher Education

P P Savani University, one of the top Knowledge Cities, offers students from all over the world fully integrated higher education facilities. It has significant capabilities across the breadth of the education business because of its extensive domain exposure in the field of education. P P Savani University has developed a reputation among Indian Universities for offering a high-quality and complete learning environment in everything from nursing to engineering, liberal arts to specialised sciences, architecture to physiotherapy, and management to design.

Creating New Standards for Higher Education

The rich history and heritage of P P Savani University are one of its most notable characteristics. Mr Vallabbhai Savani, the president and a member of the family’s first generation of entrepreneurs, established the P P Savani Group in 1987. The firm that established P P Savani University in 2017 saw substantial growth after creating a new standard for the higher education sector on its 100 acres of lush land.

P P Savani University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research, certificate, and skill-development programmes in keeping with its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education. The institution is committed to improving students’ educational experiences by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for the challenging workplace of the twenty-first century.

Dr Parag Sanghani is a scholar of knowledge management and innovation, which has helped him to take Liberal Arts at P P Savani University to new heights. From the inception of the school, he focused on developing a multidisciplinary outlook among both faculty and students, which helped to transform Liberal Arts students equipped with twenty-first-century skills to launch global careers. Under his global outlook and critical leadership, Liberal Arts at PPSU has become a launching pad from Western India to the World.

Noble Objectives 

P P Savani University is on a mission to achieve the following objectives:

  • To establish itself as a hub for innovation and excellence, fostering students’ potential and guiding them towards becoming ethical, qualified professionals.
  • To cultivate students’ academic performance at the highest level and provide them with extensive knowledge and scholastic honesty.
  • To attain academic leadership by closely collaborating on projects for training, consulting, and research.
  • To provide a free-access source of information for academics and industry with the goal of improving society.

Prioritising Practical Learning 

The University ensures that students receive ample opportunities for the practical application of their knowledge. Field trips, internships, and other hands-on experiences are a regular part of the curriculum, giving students valuable insight into real-world situations and helping them develop practical skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The University has also arranged programmes like school connect, outreach programmes, and research-oriented programmes for students. Community development is part and parcel of all B.A. programmes, enabling students to immerse themselves in real-life issues and learn from the grassroots. Liberal Arts at PPSU offers open electives to enhance credits and multidisciplinary learning.

Pursuit to Enhance Diversity 

A major challenge for the university is to attract more faculty from diverse backgrounds to build a transnational, diverse team who can nurture the liberal leaders of tomorrow. The university is also attracting students from abroad; however, it needs more international students from more countries to diversify classrooms and campuses.

Course Objectives and Scope 

The courses offered at the University, including Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Psychology, Economics, English, Public Administration & Fine & Performing Arts, are engaging, challenging, thought-provoking and encouraging students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the complexities of the human experience.

The School of Liberal Arts at P P Savani University Surat, India, is an excellent choice for students seeking an education that emphasises critical thinking, creativity, and a holistic understanding of the world. With dedicated professionals, comprehensive education, and practical experiences, students are sure to leave this institution well-prepared for success in any field.

The Liberal Arts students at P P Savani University have received placements and job opportunities in different organisations and opportunities for higher education abroad. The faculty has attended various conferences and seminars at national and international levels and has publications in various well-indexed journals.

Preparing for the Future 

The School of Liberal Arts at P P Savani University offers various certificate / diploma / graduate / postgraduate courses in different disciplines. The School of Liberal Arts organises various seminars, conferences, and outreach programmes to enhance the research skills of the students. The School has also launched an online encyclopaedia on the contemporary world.

The university is preparing for a fast-track transition to NEP (New Education Policy) mode.

The university will offer a hallmark multidisciplinary B.A. programme, integrating Digital Humanities, Cognitive Studies, Development Studies, and Behavioural Economics & Finance.

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