Future of Indian Education in Foreign Countries
Dr Sonia Achantani

In a random survey, if we happen to ask 100 students about their future plans for further studies or career options, at least 60 per cent would say they wish to take up a course, enhance their skills and settle abroad with a high-paying job. The future of Indian Education is not up to the mark of foreign countries because the Indian Education System is still the same, with very few minor changes.

We still believe in theory concepts more than practical implementation. Our students still religiously follow a few books as references and copy-paste the content as this is what is taught to them. Emphasis is on ‘what is going to be taught?’ rather than ‘how it is to be taught?’ or ‘what will a student learn?’ rather than ‘how a student will learn?’

If we want our children to have a bright future on the basis of their academics and performance, then we need to change the stereotypical pattern teaching–learning and groom them in a holistic way.

We come across many such students who cannot get through their admissions or job interviews because they lack skills, practical knowledge and competitive environment. Many times they don’t get the liberty to choose their subject combinations; it is parents or teachers who make a choice on their behalf. If we really need to give them a bright future, then we will not only have to give them a free hand to choose their stream and subjects but also redefine our Education System with more practical knowledge and collaborative approach.

But thanks to the pandemic era, which made us adapt to the new normal because if the pandemic would not have been there, we would not have upgraded ourselves to become tech savvy, would not have prepared ourselves for collaborative learning, etc.

Today along with these upgrades, we are also going to bring in a new revolution in the entire Education System by introducing the National Education Policy (NEP), which boosts the education system to a great extent and gives it a better future in the Foreign Countries. The NEP will open new doors for our educators and students as they will have more exploratory and innovative ways of learning.

The Education Policy will emphasise the inborn skills and varied learning patterns, which will help the students to uplift their level of learning and concept understanding.

Keeping all the plus and minus in mind, we can say that Indian Education is working towards a strong and bright side and will hold great future prospects in Foreign Countries.

About the Author

Dr Sonia Achantani is a Certified Career Counsellor and Certified POSH and NLP Trainer. She is the Global Ambassador for the All India Educators Forum. She has been conducting teacher training programs and webinars on various topics.

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