Part-Time Jobs Ideas for Students – is That Even Possible?
Part-Time Jobs
Part-Time Jobs Ideas for Students

Life for a student is not as easy and, above all, not as cheap as you might think: parties, expensive books, tuition fees, cinema, and sometimes going out to eat with friends. Looking at the account balance always gives you a little shock?

The solution: A part-time job, of course that makes a lot of money! But can a part-time job as a student be reconciled with stressful exam phases, lectures and at least some free time? Nothing is impossible, that’s all we’re saying, but there are a few things you should pay attention to in order not to get completely stressed out with your part-time job as a student.

Side job as a door opener for students

Even if your study part-time job sometimes makes you livid – always keep in mind that every job can open doors for you for the future: whether it is through making new contacts or through the experience you gain, a part-time job as a student has many advantages. Of course, the best thing to do is look for a part-time job that fits your studies. Are you studying Online Marketing? Then you should also look around for part-time jobs in this area: Not only will you expand your network, but you will also finally learn how to put theory into practice.

A part-time job also significantly increases your chances of starting your career straight from university. At least one thing is clear: find a job that suits you and, most importantly: one that you enjoy! Because there is nothing worse than a job that is just annoying or even worse: where time doesn’t pass!

Being a sugar baby is also an option to earn money quickly

The most popular sugar daddy website noticed that more and more users were signing up with a university email address, Alexis Germany, a spokeswoman for, told us. The company then decided to launch a marketing campaign: Sugar Baby University. This was aimed at indebted college students and prospects who wanted to go to college but were afraid of the big loan.

As we can see, it’s a common phenomenon in most countries. Most college students claim that most sugar daddies will not force them to do anything, not as most people think; they are gentle and respectful. If you don’t want to continue a relationship with a sugar daddy, sugar babies can talk with their sugar daddies.

Pay attention to your salary limit for part-time jobs as a student

After several weeks have you found the perfect part-time job for you? Finally, you can earn a lot of money! But watch out! If you earn more than 20 hours per week or more than $450 per month, you also fall under the category “subject to social security contributions” as a student. What does that mean? Make sure you don’t earn more than €5,400 within a year, so you don’t have to pay insurance contributions.

The downside: With €450 a month, a part-time job doesn’t get you very far as a student either: Especially if you’re still thinking about the expensive tuition fees, your mobile phone bill or the many upcoming birthdays. So try to be economical with your money. The less you spend, the more money you have left over at the end of the month! And if your iPhone breaks or your washing machine gives up the ghost, that’s not so bad.

Avoid the distractions of a part-time student job

A part-time job for students is, of course, stressful, that’s for sure. But try to distract yourself as little as possible while studying for your exams. This is the only way to learn efficiently and use time wisely. Why study in the living room of the shared apartment if you can’t study in the library or in the peace and quiet at home?

When working through the learning material, it is important that you concentrate on your work: it is best to put your mobile phone down completely! Because you have to admit that new WhatsApp messages or pictures on Instagram only distract you.

Exam phases and a part-time job as a student?

With a new part-time job for students, you will often be really short of time when it comes to exams, lectures and homework. It is all the more important that you organize your studies: consciously enter time in your calendar for learning, summaries of the learning material and for reworking the lectures. Because as the good old saying goes: Preparation is the be-all and end-all.

So stick to your own study schedule so that you don’t frantically try to stomp the last semester into your head during your exam period. And as you probably already know, stress and studying just don’t mix. Weeks before the start of the exam phase, did you read up on the material and didn’t miss any lectures? Then nothing should go wrong! Because whether you can combine the part-time job as a student and exams still depend on you and your attitude!

Treat yourself to relaxation with your part-time job as a student

According to the latest studies, the burnout rate among students in Germany continues to rise. The reason for this is the high pressure, the large amount of learning material and often my own part-time job. In addition to your studies and university, treat yourself to a little break to recharge your batteries from stressful everyday life. After all, your studies should not suffer under great strain because one thing is clear: university comes first!

If your studies suffer so much because of your part-time job as a student that you miss exams, have to skip lectures and hardly have time for friends, you should definitely change something in your situation. You can always look for a more flexible part-time job that you also enjoy. However, the most important thing is still that you feel good about what you are doing!

Try to follow our tips, and then you should definitely keep the balance between job and study and master everything successfully. Are you still looking for a part-time job for students that can also be combined with your studies?


  • Part-time study job as a door opener: look for the right part-time study job for your studies
  • If you earn more than €450 per month (€5,400 per year), you are subject to social security contributions
  • Note that your studies should always come first
  • Relaxation phases must not be neglected

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