Britain’s Bristol City May Ban ‘Racism’ in Schools
Britain’s Bristol City May Ban ‘Racism’ in Schools

Britain Country’s most prosperous city, Bristol, may soon imply a new rule banning racism, which is a big concern and harms young people. The mayor and youth of the city are urging the schools to stop doing colour racism and stop taking out the black students.

Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, has come up with the zero- exclusions policy as the release was ‘very close to him. Similarly, Southwark in London also introduced the same approach when the anti-racism roadmap highlighted the issue.

On Tuesday, i.e., 2nd August 2022, there was a meeting of the Bristol City Council Cabinet; in that meeting, Mr Rees expressed his interest in a new plan. He said, “It is very close to him because he had a member of his family excluded from schools and thrown into educational limbo, and there was nobody to help him.”

Further, he added, “It was possible because of the brothers and sisters around that they were able to rally around him. And they need to find a way for supporting schools, in which they need to find a way to make sure that the education system should be the home for every child within the city as well.”

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