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Payal Narang

Being a parent is a full-time job. They are usually the most significant people in the lives of a child, as parents are constantly making decisions for their children, from what food to consume to which school to attend, which hobbies to pursue, and so on. Even when the child has reached adulthood, they may seek advice from their parents and guidance on ethical matters as well as mundane daily concerns.

As a result, parenthood is the utmost critical stage of life that not only alters the course of life of the person who decides to become one, but it also means being responsible for the upbringing of another human being from birth.

How a parent portrays themselves and their responsibilities to their children play a vital role in shaping them. The parent’s actions and ideas can have an impact on their child, and this is especially true during a child’s formative years.

However, the impact of a parent can be seemingly amenable. Certain factors like friends, the media, and school allow children to pick up new ideas. Responses to such situations governed by people out there can also affect a child’s growth or behavior. This can happen despite a parent’s best attempts to keep the youngster safe. Thus, parenthood can sometimes become overwhelming when challenges are never ending and always new.

Parenthood is one of the most gratifying experiences, but it is also one of the most time and energy-consuming responsibilities due to endless reasons. Each child and family are unique. One parenting style may not work for all children. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Parenting because every child has a different personality. Parents may become confused and feel baffled as a result of this.

Every parent is subjected to various challenges that might impact how they care for their children, particularly how they raise them. Then the best course of action is to seek expert assistance and counseling from therapists and other health professionals, as everyone has conflicting pieces of advice to provide.

Parents always act in their children’s best interests. While making small decisions for the child is simple, the major ones can often leave them wondering if they are making the proper choice.

To minimize confusion, parents can seek the assistance of professional counselors. In order to help parents to better understand their innate parenting style, parent counseling offers a variety of therapies or modalities. It then delves further to understand how various issues affect, and perhaps even change, that style. Parents can devote all their focus to preserving, enhancing, or re-establishing peace in their homes when they have the skills to deal with their problems.

Not only that, but when parents take the initiative to initiate parent therapy, they demonstrate to their children that they care about the well-being of the family unit while helping to destigmatize mental health issues.

Today, numerous practices out there can assist in helping parents with solutions to their problems. But when it comes to the well-being of the children, only the best quality assistance should be considered. One such person to provide quality counseling to parents to enhance their parenting skills is Payal Narag, Founder and Parent Coach of Playful Parenthood.

The Knowledge Review had a brief interview with Payal to learn more about her skills that enhance many lives daily by providing them guidance and support.

Let’s dive into her story.

Inspiring Parents

Payal has always been a good listener. She studied Child Psychology and graduated in 2007. After becoming a mom, she dealt with her difficulties and wanted to continue her education. That’s when she took courses to become a parent coach to help herself and other parents.

“Parenting has changed a lot over the years. My mission is to inspire and empower parents to be gentler and calmer towards their children. I focus on positive and gentle parenting methods, teaching parents how to support their children in an increasingly complex world,” she says.

Payal focuses on changing a parent’s mindset from negative to positive. She believes focusing on positive behaviours with their child drastically reduces negative behaviors. This, in turn, reinforces a strong, supported relationship between the parents and the child.

Overcoming Adversities

The major challenge Payal has faced is the stigma of seeking counseling. People are hesitant to ask for help. But she has a solution to overcome the problem as well. Through her Instagram page, she started sharing tips that helped parents and built a connection with them, making it easier for them to reach out to her.

Today, parents are learning that children need more attachment and secure relationships to become confident, independent children. As a result, Payal can see more and more parents adopting this style in the future.

She also runs a program that focuses on gentle and positive parenting. This primarily focuses on how the parent should respond, not react to their child’s behaviors.

Besides, her struggles as a mom inspired her to continue her education to give the best to her child first and then pass on her experience and education to other parents.

“I believe children’s behaviors start becoming more and more difficult after the age of 2. They are developing so quickly that parents get overwhelmed and need help coping with their changing behaviors,” states Payal.

Payal has been featured in Midday and TOI lifestyle sections for her expertise as a parenting counselor.

She stated, ” Parenting is hard, and no parent is perfect. Don’t focus on others’ Instagram lives and judge yourselves. It is ok to reach out for help, and let me make your parenting journey easier for you.”

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