Phoenix Fashion from Elon University Encourages Education, Inclusivity Awareness
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Phoenix Fashion seeks to promote awareness of the fashion business, educate others about fashion, and establish an inclusive environment for all
The goals of Phoenix Fashion, the first fashion club at Elon University, are to develop and display handmade apparel, encourage sustainability, and inform people about the fashion business.
Phoenix Fashion was founded by sophomore Brooke Gustafson with the goal of educating people about sustainability and fashion while providing a space where everyone, regardless of gender or skill level, can feel good about how they look.

Elise Whitaker, the club’s artistic director, and interim president of Phoenix Fashion Tia Wohl stated that the club is still following Gustafson’s vision for the organization, despite the fact that Gustafson is studying abroad and was not available for comment.

“I believe that’s an excellent approach to showcase various genders and fashion styles, as fashion is a personal choice,” Wohl remarked. “Anyone can participate in it. Sewing classes and fashion trivia are frequent features of our events, but nothing is “gendered.”
Whitaker stated that Gustafson succeeded in making Phoenix Fashion members and other Elon students feel at home.

Whitaker remarked, “I really just loved her passion for fashion.” When I visit Phoenix Fashion, I truly feel like I belong, and I’ve discovered my creative potential.
Phoenix Fashion, a club that has only existed for a semester, has mastered the art of integrating fashion onto Elon’s campus.

“I’m leading a magazine that we’re creating for the club,” Whitaker said. “We’re also trying to showcase fashion trends here at Elon and incorporating fashion as a whole into Elon’s identity.”

Phoenix Fashion has likewise concentrated on using social media to establish their brand.

“We’re focusing a lot of this semester on branding, getting our logo out there, posting on Instagram,” Wohl said. “Also staying consistent with posting and starting to collaborate with people.”

The organization is also hosting a wide variety of events.

“Typically we’ll have a thrifting trip where we will take people to Goodwill and we just let them go nuts in there,” Wohl said. Phoenix Fashion will provide seminars to teach members how to upcycle the clothing they thrifted after the thrifting trips, and the club will conduct a photo shoot for their magazine at the end of the year to feature all of the recycled apparel.

Whitacker stated that the club’s future plans include working with other student organizations and campus resource groups to host workshops and other activities.

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