Physical Activity and Exercise: Essential Drills for Working Women
Physical Activity and Exercise
Physical Activity and Exercise

Regular physical activity and exercise is vital for any individual. It rejuvenates one’s physical and mental health, helps in checking weight, and reduces risk of chronic diseases. Research states that everyone should engage in moderate-intensity exercise on a regular basis to maintain good health. This is same for men and women; however, very few women meet these guidelines due to the current busy world.

Barriers to Exercise

Women perform exercise and similar physical activities for various reasons including:

  • Improving physical fitness
  • Having a good time
  • Managing weight
  • Dedicating some time exclusively to themselves

Many women intend to engage in physical activity and exercise, but there are certain barriers that women face. These include family responsibilities, body image, and perceptions of safety. Also, many women have the lack of time and the lack of motivation to exercise. They have to look after their children, and also perform other household chores. At times, they lack the energy required to perform additional healthy activities. Sometimes, poor health conditions, lack of money, and gender stereotyping prevents them to do the same.

Strategies to Overcome Barriers and Engage in Healthy Activity

Women can engage in healthy activates by overcoming the above mentioned barriers by following the given approaches:

Time Management: Many women juggle between office work, household duties, and child care. As a result, they don’t get time for themselves. Women should try to exercise whenever they get the opportunity. For example, if in day, they conduct three 10-min exercise sessions, they get the equal benefit of a continuous 30-min session. They can also watch exercise videos perform the same during idle time. Moreover, small activities like walking to the market or playing with their children in the park are also great ways to stay active.

Proper Motivation: Women should always motivate themselves to remain healthy. Some women don’t feel to exercise without a training partner and others have the wrong notion that exercise can be very grueling, painful, and sweaty. If they feel that way, then they can find a training partner, or join local walking groups, dancing classes, or find people who share similar interests. Women working out together in the gym should always motivate each other for better health results.

Share Household and Parental Responsibilities: Many women have to share multiple responsibilities like performing household chores, take care of children and old family members, and so on. They should share these responsibilities with their family members and spouse. If feasible, they can also opt for paid care services for both the young and the old. Women can also include physical activity in caring, which can also be good for both the young and the old members of the family. They can also swap babysitting responsibilities among themselves and can manage exercise timings accordingly.

Boosting Energy and Overcoming Tiredness: Many women suffer from fatigue as a result of busy lifestyle. Regular exercise can provide the energy to properly deal with the demands of daily life. Women can use exercise as a means to push past the tiredness and lead a healthy and active life.

Taking the Physician’s aid: Older women have less scope to participate in some forms of exercise due to chronic health conditions (like arthritis). They can consult their physicians and gather information regarding the types of exercises they can perform. For example, older women can perform yoga and many other physical activities.

Exercise is Cost-Friendly: One of the biggest advantages of exercise is that it doesn’t require any money. It doesn’t require expensive clothes and gym memberships. Women can take brisk walk in the park or perform simple breathing exercises at home. Also, there are many community centers which offer certain physical activity classes at affordable rates. Hence, women with low income can also avail of such services.

Overcoming Gender Stereotyping: In this era of gender equality, women should not bother about what the society would think if they go to the gym and work out. They should understand that it is very important to remain healthy. The most important way to look after others is by first looking after oneself. If women take proper care and keep themselves healthy, then only they can take proper care of their family.

Embracing an Active Lifestyle

Before starting exercise sessions, women may get a health check-up to make sure what sort of physical activities they can carry out. They can take up various incidental healthy activities like walking for short trips instead of taking cars. They can listen to their favorite music and dance around the house. Doing things manually instead of using machines and conducting family get together on weekends can also be helpful. The range of physical activities is only limited by one’s imagination, but can include cycling around the neighborhood, playing games, swimming at the beach, and so on.

It is Never too Late

Everyone should form the belief that it is never too late to start exercise, especially women. Studies suggest that the elderly can gain significant health benefits just after 2-3 months of regular exercise. Moreover, if they continue exercising regularly, their body will be greatly benefitted.

In this hectic scenario, it is difficult for men and women alike to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But a little dedication and management of time in performing healthy activities can work wonders for them.

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