Planning to Install a New Solar Roof – Know the Benefits First
solar roof

Are you contemplating installing a new solar roof? If yes, congratulations! Today, rooftop solar panels, as well as batteries, are more budget-friendly than even a couple of years ago. Further, photovoltaic (PV) systems are now easy to set up, accessible, effective, and hardier. You might be wondering about the cost. Though the initial expenditure is high, however, a one-time expense. The amount you will save on energy bills is something you need to consider as it is a huge benefit.

According to an article published in CNBC, the installation of solar panels is to increase three times by 2027. However, you need to know about the benefits of installing solar before making a decision.

Save on electricity bills and you enjoy more freedom

The energy costs in the US did shoot up by a significant 15 percent in the last decade, which is a trend possibly to last. When it comes to solar service contracts, they provide reduced as well as expectable rates, less costly than an electric utility company’s prices. It implies that you will pay much less when it comes to your monthly energy bills if you switch to solar.

Electricity rates are quite exorbitant, especially during peak hours, and less costly when the demand is low. When you install a new solar roof with a rechargeable battery, it’s easy to avoid steep electricity rates, thus improving your monthly savings on power bills.

When you have a PV system with a solar-powered battery in place, it gives you control over electricity. Yes, you will gain freedom from an upcoming blackout. The US is known for the maximum number of electricity outage minutes. It will further increase during rough weather conditions and due to an old power grid.

Increase your property value

With a solar-installed roof, you can increase your home’s value. In the US, PV systems shoot up a property’s value by approximately 4.1 percent. It signifies your home valuing $500,000 can get a considerable $20,000 raise as resale value.

Studies indicate that the standard increase in resale value ranges from $4,025 – $5,911 for every kW of PV systems set up. Again, a solar home will help you sell it faster by 20 percent compared to homes with no PV systems.

Installing rooftop solar is a profitable investment if you want to upgrade your property for resale. The value of the home will increase. You can inquire about new solar roofs from Premier Improvements Solar.

Get clean energy to save our planet

Solar power is renewable, clean energy. When you install a rooftop PV system, you are contributing towards a safer planet to make it a better place to live in. Unlike natural gas and fossil fuels like coal, solar does not emit toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into our environment and water.


Now that you know about some of the benefits of installing rooftop solar, take the leap of faith and set up one. You will save on energy bills!

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