Pomegranate Institute– Planting the Seeds of Knowledge and Excellence

Language is an essential cultural component, rich in historical and traditional aspects. It gives a unique identity to every person, while creating the scope for enhanced interactions. Being the basis of communications and strengthening various relations, learning a new language can provide a life-enriching experience. Additionally, in today’s global economy, knowing different languages can give an added advantage, when it comes to interacting with people from foreign countries.

Hence, many individuals nowadays intend to learn many foreign languages and pursue different careers in their own nation and abroad. Learning foreign languages can help people to improve their decision-making skills. It also improves memory and concentration, allowing students to perform better in academics. The leading language schools play an important role in this aspect by educating students about different foreign languages and honing their craft to be the best.

One such prominent institution that offers excellent foreign language education is Pomegranate Institute. Established in 2016, it is the UAE’s fastest growing and most efficient training creator, provider, and executor. The institute is KHDA approved and is located at the very heart of the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. It offers a wide range of language courses and personal & professional development packages, that are known for its creatively tailored perfection, making it a trusted educational one-stop-shop for every student’s training needs.

How it all began

Pomegranate Institute started with a vision of developing an extensive communication & education platform that enables communities to interact with confidence & global skill sets. Accordingly, it has always kept its focus on empowering learners with the right set of skills, know-how, and winning attitude. With its relentless efforts, the institute always aims to reach those in need and are craving for education.

Offering its services seven days a week, Pomegranate Institute employs dedicated, native, proficient, multilingual, and multicultural teachers, trainers, and coaches, who are always ready to help students in selecting the right courses.

In addition to the accessible location, the institute’s free & covered parking makes it even more convenient for the students, employees, and clients. The supervised indoor play area creates a safe environment for the students to play and learn. The institute’s classroom setups are multi-functional & multipurpose driven, complete with various edutainment tools to match all types of courses.

The Learned Front Runner

The person responsible for stewarding Pomegranate Institute towards development and excellence is none other than Mariam Shibib, the Founder, CEO, and Corporate Trainer. She is far beyond a typical CEO, who with her confidence, dynamism and a huge humanitarian heart made her vision of education for everyone come true though Pomegranate Institute.

Various journeys and explorations across more than 50 countries have transformed her into a        multi-lingual and multi-cultural global citizen who strongly believes that learning has no limits. Ever since establishing Pomegranate Institute, she has been motivated to build an educational empire by          transferring her rich & diverse skill sets in languages, intercultural understanding, personal, and       professional training programs on a global platform.

Variety of Academic Offerings

The institute is renowned for being one of the fastest and most creative in customizing courses & training to match the needs of its clients. In fact, under 3 years of operation, it has trained and retained more than 75 corporate clients from various industries such as luxury brands, government, schools, healthcare sector, energy sector, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Students can choose to learn a multitude of languages, including English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Sign Language, among the most popular choices. Pomegranate Institute follows its very own pom-methodology, which is a creative and interactive blend of communicative, immersion, and cognitive techniques. The teachers are native and proficient speakers showcasing their respective qualifications and certifications. It offers many vibrant courses, which attract the students.

Today, Pomegranate Institute has become an inspirational leader in the fields of languages and personal & professional development- for all of those wishing to master the tools of successful communication and to become the best versions of themselves.

The institute always focuses on encouraging the students and clients to learn further and explore their interest to study more. Accordingly, it conducts activities that appeal to the clients and students; classes and sessions which they find educative and enjoyable. Its global and regional partners assist in adding value to the learning experience- incorporating real-life skills that would be beneficial for the students when they start to exercise their new skills & learning.

Team Pomegranate believes, “Life is a school & we never stop learning! Why should we? The world is in constant motion, so are we! Baby steps will take us to where we want to be- a world that connects on commonalities, rather than differences!” It is of the opinion that is has a long way to go, as an institute, as individuals, as a nation, and as global citizens. According to the institute, every path starts somewhere; hence, individuals should be ever ready to take the necessary steps.

It follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is very structured and organized so that the clients are satisfied and well guided in their learning journey. The institute provides quality classes to assist individuals who are seeking language improvement, as well as stimulating personal and professional enhancement to those wishing to grow their capabilities. All the courses offered are tailored to the attendee’s requirements and are delivered face to face, virtual, mobile, and study abroad formats.

Beyond the Regular Curriculum

Pomegranate Institute believes in going the extra mile in order to provide students with the best educational experience. It aims to enhance not only the reading and writing skills of the students, but also emphasizes more on practicing through cultural immersions and integrating activities related to the language they are learning.

The pom-learners are provided with the best of the theoretical, practical, and life smart lessons in each training session. Team Pomegranate states, “Life is complex & we understand what is required of millennials in today’s social & work environments. We are expected to think, react & act faster than ever. We offer a lot of smart techniques to help master this challenge with simple tricks & techniques”.

Providing Financial Assistance

The institute not only provides excellent academic and career development facilities, but also offers occasional free classes to the public. It always tries to reach out to the public, while collaborating with various partners. It offers knowledge-packed talks, seminars, and workshops free of cost.

This motivates the students to take a deeper commitment to learning a language or a skill. Pomegranate’s courses are reasonably priced; furthermore, it accommodates more people by partnering up with companies who can help offer further discounts to the students in need or by giving them staggered options for their payment.

Noteworthy Laurels and Collaborations

Pomegranate Institute has made many noteworthy achievements throughout its journey of offering excellent academic and career-development facilities. Within a year after officially opening, the institute was recognized and awarded by the Global Educational Supplier & Solutions as the ‘Start Up of Year’. This year, it was again shortlisted for the ‘Best CSR Program in Education’, recognizing the various CSR campaigns that it conducts including its womanity programs. It has also been recognized for conducting sign language community meetups and support for Autism Awareness on We Walk events by Tecom Group Dubai.

Many magazines such as Haya Magazine in Lebanon and UAE, and Khaleej Times magazine have featured the institute countless times. It has also been covered by news & radio stations such as Dubai Eye 103.8, The National, Gulf News and many others.

Pomegranate Institute has recently initiated yet another collaboration with the largest bookstore in the UAE, Books Kinokuniya at Dubai Mall. Under this initiative, it provides free workshops to a fairly large audience of language enthusiasts.

The institute’s efforts to reach out to those who crave for education have also been noticed by some very known international brands such as Joelle Paris, L’occitane En Provence, Turkish Airlines, Accor Hotel Group, and many more. This has opened doors for various opportunities, the brands offering support to the institute’s different campaigns to cater various audience including women communities, travel lovers, the hearing-impaired community, and sign language learners.

Building Bright Career Paths

Pomegranate Institute believes that mastering a new language or skill can serve as an icebreaker, a connector, and an added competitive value on one’s resume. It upskills an individual, while transforming them into global citizens. Team Pomegranate states, “UAE is such a cosmopolitan and vibrant city where we constantly run into people from all over the globe”. It is of the opinion that learning more languages is not just good for one’s mental development, but also provides a competitive edge when it comes to applying for jobs, moving abroad, and being a passionate world explorer.


The institute offers a plethora of training choices that range from soft skills to technical skills. The students are trained in such a manner that as soon as they graduate, numerous career opportunities and academic options are available for them. Accordingly, they can choose to excel in their current career or explore an opposite or a totally different field altogether.

These trainings not only help them enter a professional career but also aid in their growth as a person, which, more than anything else, is very important. Possessing any skill from its training will ensure them success in whichever path they wish to take either as a valuable employee or as a successful entrepreneur or business owner or anything they wish to be.

Planning for a Bright Future

Pomegranate Institute aims to spread its seeds of knowledge all across the globe. Its focus is to offer dedicated training services to everyone, everywhere, and anytime. The institute has conducted a number of CSR campaigns such as food distributions during the month of Ramadan, free classes to the less privileged communities, free workshops, and much more. It wishes to see its Sign Language Department flourish and wants more people to join its Sign a Sign Club which is a free social gathering for people of determination at the premises.

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