Pranali NDT Services: Your Solutions to Material Testing
Pranali NDT Services

Sometimes you need to test materials prior to machining or fabricating or the materials are required to test its parts before installed into services. Inspection of equipments and materials assumes the center-stage for its safe and efficient functioning. Non-destructive Testing NDT provides effective strategies and solutions for inspection, and at the same time, it is a high cost and time efficient technology.

One such organization leading the NDT services domain is PRANALI NDT SERVICES. It specializes in Non-destructive Testing (NDT). Established in 1999, the facility caters to wide range of methods detecting surface and sub-surface defects on parts and materials. Over last twenty years, PRANALI NDT SERVICES has served over 500 clients in India and abroad.

PRANALI NDT SERVICES is on a mission to assure secure working environment for men and machines by reassuring quality of engineering assets through its expertise and experience.

Testing your Asset Integrity

The organizations’ testing procedures conform to most major industry and military specifications. PRANALI NDT SERVICES prides in providing more than just accurate test results. It facilitates the most unparalleled convenience and confidence in knowing that the customers’ material and its business is in the hands of capable and conscientious experts.


It provides specialized service and training facilities in various methods of Non Destructive Testing Services. No matter what shape or size material, it can evaluate its quality and use methods such as,

  • Ultrasonic Testing/Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing/Time of Flight Diffraction
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Radiographic Testing/Digital Radiography Services
  • Dye Penetrate Testing
  • Visual Testing
  • Liquid Penetrent Testing
  • Hydraulic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

For customers’ convenience they can drop and ship the inspected material or they can ship the material in compliance with organizational standards or specifications.

The organization also offers value added services like, NDT Level III Consultancy, Level II ad Level III training services, and certifications .

PRANALI NDT SERVICES is associated with:

Services:                                                                            Training :

Gail (India) Ltd, Mumbai                                           Gail (India) Ltd, Mumbai
Ultratech Cement Limited                                          Reliant Inspection Services, Qatar
Crompton Greaves Limited                                        Intervention Solutions, Qatar

Seimens Ltd                                                                Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering

Tata Projects Ltd                                                         Vidyavardhini College of Engineering

Nitco Ltd                                                                    Father Agnel College Of Engineering,

Fueling the Growth

PRANALI NDT SERVICES, with its experienced team of experts is a prominent name in field of training and expertise services for past two decades. It has grown as a trusted partner for quality assurance requirements.

The technicians at the organization are so defied to meet almost every industry requirement. To enhance customer experience, the subject matter experts train them with latest technologies, facilitate national and international seminars and trainings as per American Society for Non-destructive Testing.

The training faculty Mr. Ravindra Madhukar Bhogate, the Managing Director and Mr. Pratik Vijay Bhogate, Technical Operations Head are ASNT NDT Level III certified subject experts in the inspection industry. Their pioneering role in the testing solutions company and their unique contributions have made them distinguished leaders.

The humble start of the organization was done by Mr. Ravindra Bhogate a young technocrat. His dedicated efforts which has made the organization outperform in the industry is a milestone marked by a moment of pride and celebration.

For past twenty years, under the leadership of Mr. Bhogate, a leader of rare ability, PRANALI NDT SERVICES serves over 500 clients in India and abroad.

In the opinion of Mr. Bhogate Non Destructive Testing is an integral part of Quality Assurance which reassures quality not only of engineering assets but also creates a safe environment for people.

Quality Standards Ensuring Transparency          

The organization strives to deliver qualitative services while abiding by the motto “Quality with Integrity”.

The organizations’ standards are authenticated by top quality certifications. Their quality system complies with ISO 9001: 2015 QMS. Moreover it has been accredited by following organizations:

  • Ministry Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises
  • National Small Industries Corporation


PRANALI NDT SERVICES has experienced a runaway success in India and globally for 30 years now. In the recognition of its quality and prolific work, it has received various awards throughout its journey. Some of its finest achievements that enlist its admiration are:

  • Member Of Indian Society Of Non Destructive Testing’
  • Nomination for ‘Best 5000 MSME 2019 Award In Service Excellence Category’
  • ‘ Trusted Service Provider By INDIAMART’

Bright Future

PRANALI NDT SERVICES envisions a safer world with minimum cost of quality. Spotting opportunities in the future, the organization looks forward to expand its training expertise in other parts of the world. Soon, the organization will possess a venture that would be completely dedicated to training services in India and abroad.

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