Preparing Students for the Future by Unleashing Their Potential

If someone is unable to define the career goals, it doesn’t mean they are avoiding the question. They could be more aware of the situation than anyone realizes. Professors have always explained things by relating it to the world outside the classroom. They have always been a “lighthouse to look out there”. It is true that teachers are shining the light of constant change.

According to the World Economic Forum Report, more than 7 million jobs were and will be lost worldwide between 2015 & 2020. If jobs were available, they are with low-paying, contract basis which is without benefits and pensions.

Future Auspices

Anxiety about the future is not new in today’s technological world. Through the technologies, like 3D printing, cloud technology or devices connected to the Internet; the huge amount of information is now available instantly. This is causing information overload and social anxiety. The days are gone where the specific education will lead to a specific job. Today organizations, institutes are helping the students to use technology to help them respond to pressing social issues, like climate change and poverty. Only teachers can help students to solve problems creatively and teach them how to work together. They also need to teach technical skills and equip them to engage with problems. In the recent years, virtual reality has been adopted to expose students to more opportunities. The organizations are also conducting the programs that are preparing students for the workforce and connect students with the volunteer mentors from the local businesses.

Organizational Outlook

Today, the institutions expect the students to understand the logistics of running a business, attending formal meetings, engaging with customers, and the interpersonal skills like cultivating hard working ethics and positive attitude. Employees can control these skills, regardless of their employer or workplace. Still, teachers need to make sure that the students are up-to-date about the work environment, work ethics and the emerging technologies like robotics.

Even engineering or science students participate with the little interest in the events where the latest technologies are being used. Some can use their writing skills to create fundraising materials whereas an artistic student can design T-shirts, pots, etc. In the fashion designing industry, the workers have listed 3D printing as a top skill for their occupation. Anyone who is graduating from their high schools without gaining knowledge of technologies is going to have a hard time finding a job.

Robotics is not only about the building of robots, or even artificial intelligence. Robotics is literacy, a layer that will influence all the parts of society and jobs. It is the future of what the computer technology is now—something that impacts every part of life and work, whether or not people are trained to exclusively work with them. In high schools and colleges giving students the tools to understand, robotics will only increase what they bring to workplaces.

But despite technological changes, students must learn to work together. According to the World Economic Forum, surprisingly jobs are getting diminished, and also highlighted the need for specialized sales representatives who can explain the new products and need of managers who are adept at leading organizations through rapid change. Thus students have to learn problem-solving abilities while working with the different kinds of people.

Unleash Your Potential

Opportunities showcase the specific strengths and interests that can contribute to a mindset. This is where the students can accept the thing that they are good at only a few things. Unfortunately, they ignore their ability to learn new skills because they want to do what they’re good at. And that does not promote a growth of mindset that learns from mistakes. Perhaps, teaching students how to engage themselves in various activities is the best way to prepare the students for the ambiguous and changing workforce. Thus, unleashing the potential within students; is the main responsibility that teacher’s need to accomplish.

One thing everyone has to remember is that one shouldn’t have to remain the same at the beginning of the course until the end when one is walking out. So, having a list of goals during the course will show exactly how one can change during the course.

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