Presidency University– Committed to Innovation and Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Knowledge Transfer
Presidency University

The University aims to be value-driven and to excel globally beyond peers and create professionals of integrity and character with a social slant.

-Dr. Vijayan Immanuel, Pro Chancellor

Presidency Group of Institutions (PGI), comprises, besides Presidency University, seven Schools and a College. While the College offers Programs, at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, in Information Technology, Commerce, Management, and Journalism, the Schools offer Program affiliated to CBSE & ICSE Boards. Presidency College, located in Bengaluru, has been re-accredited with an ‘A+’ Grade by NAAC.

The Presidency University is a testimony to the fact that the Group has almost over four decades of experience in education, from Kindergarten to 12th   Standard and finally to Higher Education. It envisions in positioning amongst the best universities in the world, in the shortest span possible through focus on Innovative and Research-oriented Teaching Pedagogy, State-of-the-art Facilities, Industry-friendly Curriculum backed by concrete action plans and an unwavering commitment to pursuit of excellence.

Vibrant Campus Life 

The University provides its students numerous co-curricular activities to enrich their cultural interests. The Department of Student Affairs of the University encourages students to take part in a wide variety of cultural competitions, such as singing, dancing, debates, creative writing, etc. It also organizes various fests, annual events, extra-curricular and cultural activities, where students participate enthusiastically to make the clinical events a huge success. These include Debates, Client Counseling, Moot Court, Judgment Writing and Crime-scene investigation, and Skits & Advocacy Initiatives on Social Issues like Gender and Child Abuse. The various Clubs of the University include Magazine Club, Science Club, Cultural Club; Theatre Club, Yoga & Meditation Club and more. The School of Law also hosts the Legal Aid Centre which has provided and continues to provide free legal assistance to the underprivileged.

The Legal Aid Clinic at Presidency University, conducted in collaboration with the Karnataka State Legal Service Authority, provides students an opportunity to interact with Judges of High Court and acquire skills to be deployed while addressing legal issues faced by the common people.

About the Dean

Dr. Sapna Mohan is the Dean, School of Law at Presidency University. She has focused on enhancing the quality of student experience to keep pace with changes in the Legal Education and Practice. Dr. Sapna was instrumental in increasing Career Development Opportunities for students through the expanded avenues for students in ingraining Practical Skills in Clinics, Externships, and Semester-in-Practice. Dr. Sapna has raised the School’s Public Interest Profile through adoption of the Pro Bono Program and focused Legal Aid,

Igniting Excellence in Education

The University is proud to uphold a four-decade old tradition as one of Bangalore’s most prestigious Educational Groups and is equally proud to witness the rise of the next generation of their students, as among the legal minds in the country. The result is a passionate, highly engaged community, which works collaboratively on equal opportunity academic environs and inclusivity.

The Academic Program of School of Law [SOL] is designed to foster Intellectual Vibrancy Academic Rigor and Community Activism. SOL offers an integrated 5-year Honors Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law in the three [3] disciplines of BA, LL.B. [Hons], BBA LL.B. [Hons.], and B.Com, LL.B. [Hons], with a strong multi-disciplinary interface. This provides an important immersion into Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Technology, Leadership and Management Domain and Training for the Entrepreneurial Lawyer. The signature feature of the Law Program is its Experiential Pedagogy, Updated Syllabus and Credited Internships. There is a strong focus on capstone opportunities, including Seminars, Research Forums, Legal Clinics and Moot Court with the knowledge that they have acquired in their various courses.

The Legal Profession today is rapidly evolving and is attaining phenomenal growth in specialized legal fields like Cyber Laws, Gender Issues, Intellectual Property Rights, Arbitration, and Commercial Litigations. A growing number of traditional Law Firms also are now hiring lawyers to perform non-traditional jobs in the realm of   Information Technology, Knowledge Management, and Project Management. The Law Curriculum, at Presidency University is constantly upgraded to include a range of particularly unique and progressive courses like Banking and Insurance Law, Maritime and Admiralty Law, Media Law, Sports Law, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Laws relating to Women and Children, Law relating to Infrastructure Projects, International Humanitarian Law and so on.

Promoting Unity in Diversity

The School of Law has Students and Faculty from all over the country. This diverse Pan-India Community has helped to create a deeper, richer, and more supportive experience for every Student, Faculty as well as the Administrators, as diversity brings with it diverse perspectives, backgrounds, approaches, and experiences.

SOL is a close-knit community of Faculty, Students, and Staff dedicated to providing an excellent Legal Education. The Faculty-Members are from Premier Legal Institutions, and have accomplished substantially in their respective domains of expertise. The students are active and supportive of one another and also take up leadership roles in the many dynamic student bodies. The Professional Staff at the University is committed to helping their students excel in the Program. Together, they are developing conscientious, skilled, and socially committed Legal Professionals who will go on to be employed in Private Practice, in Corporate Houses, in Civil Services, Government, or in Public interest.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The University also takes various initiatives to support the students financially. It provides Fee Concession to deserving economically disadvantaged section of students. In addition, students belonging to SC, ST, and OBC categories receive scholarship from Government of Karnataka. The Management provides Merit Scholarship, Karnataka Students’ Fee Concession, Ex-Presidency Fee Concessions, PGI -Staff Fee Concessions, J & K Students’ Fee Concessions, Defence/Ex-Defence Scholarship, Kendriya Vidyalaya Student Scholarship, SC / ST Category Scholarship, Minority Scholarship, Scholarship for Physically Challenged Students and so on.

Opportunities and Exposures

Presidency University Students of Law have indefinite access to the Learning and Professional Development Centre which offers Advice on Salary Negotiation, Interview Preparation, and Career Guidance.  The School of Law of the University maintains an updated database of its students from which the Companies, Law Firms and other prospective employers can have access to this resourceful talent pool.

The University has entered into collaborative arrangement with Premier Law Schools like NLSIU, Professional Bodies like Confederation of Indian Industries, the Judicial Academy etc. to provide students with cutting-edge professional training and competitive advantage.

The Legal Aid Clinic and Pro Bono Programs ensure that students apply the understanding of the Law, as they gain in the classroom, to professional practice, working with some of the very same advocates and judges who are in a position to hire or recommend them for a job. As every student plans his/her career, there is unfettered and complete support from their Teaching Faculty, who have deep network to the legal community as well as from a team of experienced advocates who are closely associated with Learning and Professional Development Centre.  

Building Successful Careers

Presidency University understands and values the importance of Placement Assistance in shaping the career of the students. Along with academic excellence, equal-gender focus, importance is given on preparing the students to face the rising challenges from the growing demands from the industry. More emphasis is on investing in Training, Soft Skills Development, relevant Certification Programs, and calling for inputs from the Industry in building and revising the curriculum and Program Structure at the university.

Students also regularly get the opportunity of interacting with professionals from the industry to understand the career opportunities and practical aspects. The Internship Program is one of the most important and valued aspects of the School of Law, confirming their commitment to providing the students with the best possible educational experience.

The Internship helps to introduce and explore the roles and responsibilities of a Lawyer. Exposure to an Internship Program may aid students in obtaining the relevant Legal Practice. The Internship is a Mentored Practice and it is a credited course starting from the Third Semester. Consequently, the students get a head start on acquiring the skills they will need when they commence their careers.

The School of Law at Presidency University offers Internships at various Government Agencies, Non-profit Companies and Law Firms, both in and around Bengaluru.  Many students take advantage of the Summer Vacation and spend four weeks Off Campus, in a clinical setting, and then come back to Campus to commence their new semester.

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