A Rough Guide into Securing the Perfect Internship
Perfect Internship
Perfect Internship

When a person gradually moves towards the completion of their academic journey, they look out for various opportunities that life has to offer. Stepping out of college and immediately setting foot into a corporate scenario may not be the wisest decision. Youngsters need to gain some sort of exposure gradually in order to settle into a workplace. An internship is one such initiative that helps them do just that. These are usually opportunities given to college students who may want to gain insight into how workplaces function and how their skills are put to use in it. Some internship also provides payment to the students for the work that they do, which also teaches them the art of handling finances. Some universities in India have also made internships a compulsory part of the curriculum and for the students gaining a degree.
This makes an internship one of the top priorities for a student and finding an ideal one is equally necessary.

Early Start to the Pursuit
As students near the completion of university, they need to start looking out for companies that are offering internships. Looking for them towards the end of examinations or during study holidays will be ideal as there is ample time to understand, give interviews and shortlist upon the companies necessary. Some colleges also have collaborations with various companies and also offer internships to students who’re interested in them. Speaking to a few senior students and asking for their suggestions can also make it easier to find the ideal internship. Today the internet has also made it simpler to find opportunities as well as information about the company offering them. Looking through a few of them will be beneficial to the student as well. The earlier is always better, as a lot of companies and industries may have deadlines. If the students are not able to do so, they may not be eligible for the offer.

Re-verify the Resume for any Errors
A resume is one of the most important documents for a student to have. It needs to contain every educational record as well as any other project experience they may have had. One also needs to make sure that it is written in a clean and systematic manner. Students need to spend time to ensure that there are no errors of any manner, especially when it comes to spellings or the years mentioned. It’s always better to run it down not just on the system but by physically inspecting it as well. Minor errors such as leaving out the phone number or email ID may seem to be unnoticeable but are in fact the first things observed by the hirers. Hence it’s always a wise idea to browse through the document thoroughly and make sure all the points representing your educational and work experience are included.

Keep the Duration of Availability Evident
When applying for an internship, it’s extremely necessary to make sure that the one being applied to matches with the location the student lives in. And in case the work requires relocating, the individual needs to keep things clear about the dates they are available for. Additionally, in case the skills are at par with what the company is looking for, they usually pay for the students’ relocation as well. It is also necessary to keep the company representatives or the HR in the loop about the exam schedules in case it may be necessary in the midst of the internship duration. Mentioning all this in the CV will definitely prove to be an advantage in the necessary moment.

Prevailing in the Interview
Post all the researching, shortlisting and applying, it’s time for the interview process which can be pretty daunting for first timers. For this final stage it is necessary for individuals to give it all they’ve got. Make sure you’re dressed comfortably but in a formal manner which will give one the advantage of a proper first impression. When the interviewer approaches, it is necessary to greet them properly and not appear casual in terms of body language. Ensure that the mind is alert to make sure that none of the question slip from the mind as every moment is accounted for. It’s also essential that one’s words an action portray an interest in the internship along with assuring them of reliability from the individual’s side.
Keeping these few key pointers in mind may give an individual the upper hand in nailing an internship and mainly a good one.

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