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Himanshu Talwar
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Throughout our lives, we are faced by a number of problems on a day-to-day basis. Some of these are minor while some may turn into major dilemmas, which is why the solutions to these different problems also differ. The ability to solve problems as quickly as possible is a skill which is highly valued in the business and corporate world. It is a skill which resonates the personality of a leader who solves problems and makes good decisions that lead to better results.

Quick problem-solving ability is something that is essential to excel in all aspects of life especially in the professional world because it can help you get promoted faster and paid more. Fortunately, through practice, this skill can be polished to make you an asset for your organization.

There are four major steps in solving a problem and the faster you apply these steps, the better you get. These crucial steps of problem-solving include

  1. Identifying the problemFor a problem to be solved, it is important to identify the problem and it’s magnitude. Once, you are clear about what really the problem is, you can go further to solve it. This process requires you to sit and map which areas are in trouble and need a solution.
  2. Look for the causesThe next step to avoid the problem to expand is to identify its causes. Identifying the cause helps you to analyze what has created the problem in order to prevent it in the future. Once this is done, the next steps become clear.
  3. Analyzing possible solutionsOne problem can have many possible solutions, but the key is to find the quickest and the easiest solution which will help you save time and effort. Each possible solution needs to be thought of carefully in order to get the ideal solution.
  4. Implementing the best solutionAfter analyzing and selecting the best possible solution, create a plan to implement the solution. Test and review the solution to make sure that you have made the right choice.

These are the tools of good problem-solving ability. The quicker you are at this, the better opportunities you have in the professional life. Problem-solving is a skill which is often stressed upon, in the business and corporate world. At times you can get under a tremendous amount of pressure, and at such times it is important to not give in and instead with a calm mind solve the problem

About the Author

Himanshu Talwar has a wide-ranging professional experience in Public Relations, facilitating setting-up of companies, negotiations, and market expansion of businesses. He has worked for the Government of Japan, Government of Poland, Government of El Salvador, Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE), and several corporate houses.

He has won two National Level Awards for a significant contribution towards management and vocational education. For more than a decade, he has been conducting trainings/workshops for professionals and, for students–school, under & post graduate to guide them in choosing the right career path. He has many articles, research papers, industry reports published in India and abroad to his credit.

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