Prof. V.S Byakod: Spreading the Gleam of Knowledge and Focused on Student Empowerment
V.S Byakod Principal Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic College

Education is the most important factor in anyone’s life and the goal of education should be to attain the knowledge of values and not facts. However, the process of acquiring this knowledge is not complete until we talk about teachers, because of its them who along with instilling academic skills transform us into humans with humanitarian values. The American author, Deval Patrick has rightfully said, “A great teacher who is full of excitement and love for her students can make all the difference in their lives.”

In this profile we are are going to talk about an exceptionally confident, resourceful and focused change leader, V.S Byakod, Principal, Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic College. Her endeavors in facilitating the journeys of students towards making it fruitful is truly evident in her abilities as an educational leader and professor. Her keen observation and intellect has empowered students to be a game-changer. Armed with two decade long experience and skill has earned her few mantles including, Best Teacher Award” in 2015 and Best Teacher Award” in 2016.

The Professional Journey

V.S Byakod’s journey as an education facilitator began in 1992. Kickstarting her career as a lecturer in the civil department at Dr. D.Y. Patil Engineering College, Byakod went on to become one of the finest influencers of her time. Throughout her journey V.S Byakod has handled various roles some of which include, Chief Coordinator for the first NBA Accredited Diploma collage in Pune, Paper Setter & Examiner for Engineering (Pune University), Chairman of First Year admission committee in PCCOE (2013), Head of First Year Engg at PCCOE for 9 years, etc. No matter what role this avid educational leader has taken upon, she has relentlessly worked to influence students, instill in them skills needed for their professional progression and paved their path for the future. The sheer dedication with which Byakod has served until today, has landed her the role of Principal at Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic College (PCP). “My hard and sincere work resulted in appointment as Principal of Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic,” comments V.S Byakod.

However, the journey to prominence took many turns. The transition from a professor to principal was backed by an extensive educational qualification which includes a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and post-graduation degree in structures (engineering). The extensive knowledge and industry knacks that V.S Byakod has also come from her research papers. Study of the various strategy of quality management system implementation in the construction industry, which was published on 2nd November 2016 is one of her recent ones.

Breaking Stereotypical Beliefs

A woman of substance, Byakod envisages a world where empowered women are allowed to take decisions and included in major societal issues. According to her, woman empowerment means a gender-neutral society, wherein forward-thinking women find their voice and stand. Counted among the few who walk their talk, Byakod in her college practices her beliefs. Sixty percent of the staffs in PCP are women. She comments, “They are dedicated, work hard and with this team have achieved success in the various activities at institute level. Women and men both serves share equally in the institute work. We should provide a free atmosphere for them to live in gender equality implies a society in which women and men enjoy working and decision making.”

V.S Byakod’s life teaches us to be courageous, steadfast and to be dedicated towards one’s passion. Accepting any challenges thrown at her was one of her characteristic features that set her apart from others. “Work is worship that is my motto. Always ready to accept challenges with a positive attitude and that makes me achieve success,” she asserted.

Empowering Education and Beating the Odds

Just like how smooth sea never makes skillful warriors, the trepidations of her role as the principal and the goals that the college had to achieve shaped her into a prominent educational leader. Upon taking up the assigned role of principal of PCP, Byakod had undertaken the responsibility of bringing discipline to this college and transform its profile. Currently ranked among ‘The Top 10’ institutes, Byakod has successfully changed the academic experience for students. “I had to face hardship, struggle to make PCP to the top ten list. My trustees always supported me in the decision taken for development of this institute. The success is because of my husband and my daughter who supported me throughout my career,” she recalls.

The catalyst of PCP might be V.S Byakod, however, she attributes the college’s success to everyone. She believes that for any organization to stand out, it requires a lot of teamwork and support from trustees. PCP’s present unmatched recognition which includes an ISO 2015 certified Institute, NBA accreditation for 3 consecutive years, and accredited by National Board of Accreditation is the result of the trust and support Byakod received. Together, the college, the trustees and Byakod envisioned a new profile for the college.

Zealously working to improve the educational experience of students and in an attempt to offer the best industrial knowledge, Byakod and her team has successfully established a Center of Excellence and Research Development activities.

A Take on Future

V.S Byakod’s journey progresses along with her work and place of work, unsure of her professional growth, she steadfastly works for the betterment of the college and her student’s educational experience. However, she envisions the college to be at the top and an autonomous Institute in the state of Maharashtra offering demand-driven skill development program. The evolution of the college over the past decade has been tremendously commendable and under the sheer guidance of its unwavering principal, it aims for touching new zeniths.

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