Prolong the Rhapsody of Safari Memories with an Adventurous Campervan Tour!

Rugged natural gems and rare wildlife in the scintillating settings of the lush bush create perfect visuals for even the jaded eyes and tired souls on African jungle safaris. You can pick a guided tour package to spend time in the wilderness with all the easily accessible necessary amenities. The trip can be 3 to 10 or 14 days long based on the locations they cover. Choose one that fits into your budget, travel goals, and timeframe. Suppose you select a short trip of five days and have more days remaining to wind up your vacation. In that case, you can have another brief tour of an equally fascinating country like Australia.

Many places in Australia are exciting to traverse in a campervan. Dig into Australia’s wilder side for surprises if you desire to indulge more in your African safari hangover. Do you worry about route connectivity? Airports in Johannesburg fly regular and frequent flights to Sydney, Australia, which can also be the perfect base for your ongoing wilderness adventure. But where should you go in Africa?

Timbavati Game Reserve Safari

Everyone talks about Kruger National Park, but Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is well-known for its unspoiled surroundings. It belongs to the Greater Kruger National Park. Yet, being here feels different. The private reserve flanks the Kruger National Park, allowing animals an easy passage from one reserve to another hassle-free, making an ideal setup for the thrilling game drives. Timbavati is a treasure trove of unexpected wildlife spectacles, from bird species to white lions. You can expect African wild dogs, rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, lions, leopards, and buffalo here. Globe trotters visit this game reserve to view these beasts. Waterbucks, giraffes, kudu, honey badgers, bats, and ground hornbills can be seen. During the game drive, people spot Porcupine, Civet, and other nocturnal species.

Typically, a five-day tour can be enough to soak in the beauty of this pristine game reserve. The tour guides can arrange luxurious accommodations and fly-in safari schedules, among other things. Once you are done, you can catch your flight to Sydney, Australia, for the next leg of your wilderness trip.

Sydney Campervan Tour

You can book a campervan in advance from or other reliable resources to avoid last-minute stress. Sydney has plenty of outback spots nearby. You can drive to the Blue Mountains to relish the unique rock formations at Echo Point. There is also a World Heritage Plaza that houses several shops. However, it requires walking down 1000 steps. Another great discovery is the Grand Canyon of Australia, older than America’s famous Colorado Canyon. As you walk through the bushes in the forest, waterfalls and other panoramic views keep you fresh. Some do bushwalking to witness the mesmerizing charm of Wentworth Waterfall, while others leave their van nearby to soak in its beauty from Princess Rock. You can also check Featherdale Wildlife Park, Reptile Park, etc.

From the rugged beauty of Africa’s wilderness to the attractive outbacks of Australia, you can witness awe-inspiring natural wonders in abundance. If you have the time, why not explore and encounter these hidden treasures?

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