Rainbow Preschool International: Cultivating Young Minds in the Most Scientific Manner

The mission of the institution is to provide a safe, stimulating and positive environment that enhances and fosters the physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social development of individual children through play-based learning and discovery. It also strives to promote the development of appropriate learning through love, respect, diversity, self-esteem, and equality in order to prepare children for the future.

In today’s contemporary setup, discipline and mannerism play a crucial role in the overall development of a child. Hence, every child needs to know proper table manners and other habits and must be taught discipline during activities that help them groom their overall personality. Like a tree that needs stable, strong roots to grow, the Pre-School also sets the foundation of value learning in their early years of education to act as a robust core for future. A child must also know about traditional values and cultural background along with the modern curriculum.

Every child at Rainbow Preschool International is introduced with all the basic manners and important habits. At the same time learns with initiatives like Step Ahead and Traditional Touch Programme, the Pre-School also emphasizes on life skills to prepare them for the world at large, besides mere academic education. Alongside, the health and hygiene are given the utmost priority and the food provided to daycare children is prepared in-house from high quality healthy products.

The Benefactors

Mrs AkilaBalbale, the Managing Director, Rainbow Preschool International, believes, “The young minds respond best when their inquisitiveness is triggered while playing. True learning happens when a child’s curiosity is triggered.”

She adds, “Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating environment where a restless child is molded into an all-rounder, who can use his five senses effectively by enjoying and acquiring new knowledge. Rainbow Preschool International lays a solid foundation for their future.

The Unique Method of Education

Teaching a child needs a lot of patience and scientific methods to help them remember and follow them in their everyday lives. If the learning can be broken in sectors, then it will look like the below list.

Visual (spatial): Using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.

Aural (auditory-musical): Using sound and music.

Verbal (linguistic): Using words, both in speech and writing.

Physical (kinesthetic): Using your body, hands and sense of touch.

Logical (mathematical): Using logic, reasoning and systems.

Social (interpersonal): To learn in groups or with other people.

Solitary (intrapersonal): To work alone and use self-study.

Interestingly Rainbow Preschool International follows above methods to satiate the best possible way to inflict the basic knowledge among students from the very early stage of their learning journey.

Apart from that, the preschool conducts interactive sessions like, “Did you know” kind of trivia, and question-answers, and all these are conducted in a way which enhances the confidence in children. These activities also ensure different types of abilities in children, determining the requirements of them in not just the school but also in homes. By this, the problems of the children can also be understood and solved. There are a number of new things in the syllabus to educate children, the team has gathered by research and analysis and taking a reference to several journals, the syllabus needs are developed by a set of academicians in-house. Developing classroom and also the preschool curriculum is based on different strategies of integrated technology, cooperative learning structure, differentiated instruction, goal setting and cross-curriculum teaching.

Importance of Early Education

Early childhood education is about honing and molding the holistic child, which will eventually enhance the basis of their lifelong journey. As a preschool Rainbow has identified thirteen essential benefits of early childhood education and those are socialization, the concept of cooperation, encouraging holistic development, enthusiasm for life-long learning, convey the value education through experience, respect, teamwork, resilience, concentration, patience, confidence, self-esteem and exposure to diversity. The school tries to implement all of them in their curriculum to make a definitive change in kids holistic growth.

Enhancing Health and Hygiene as a Nuance

Good hygiene is important to maintain good health and the habit must be formed in preschool years to make it easier for the child to maintain a healthy body throughout his life. It is important to engage preschoolers in fun-filled activities so that they have an active learning experience to develop useful skills.

Mrs. Balbale adds, “We teach by 7 ways of hygiene to preschooler kids to introduce a better health regime to them.”

  1. Start from Essentials
  2. Make Bath Time Fun Time
  3. Become a Role Model
  4. Explain the importance of Grooming
  5. Read Books and Show Evidence
  6. Add Incentive
  7. Make Routine

Importance of Preschools in India

While most parents consider Kindergarten as the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone is also an important time for learning as well. These skills are an important basis for what children will learn in Kindergarten and beyond. Preschool education provides a child with many benefits, including:

  • Longer attention span, making it easier to focus in class
  • Advanced language skills that form the basis for reading and writing
  • Becoming accustomed to structure and scheduled activities
  • Important social skills that are learned in a preschool class environment

Major Achievements and Awards of the Institution

Rainbow Preschool International is awarded as the “Best Preschool in Thane” at Retail and Hospitality Awards 2018. This institution was also featured in the list of “Top 10 Promising Pre-School&Daycare Services in Mumbai 2017” by Silicon India Magazine. Rainbow has also won “Excellence in Preschool Education” by India Today and has been featured in the list of “Best Schools in Thane_kalyan 2017” by Hindustan Times.

Rainbow Preschool aims at creating the most scientific atmosphere for kids’ education in their earliest days of life to come out with flying colours in their journey towards future endeavors.

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