Ramaiah, St George’s University announce new medical pathway
Ramaiah St George’s University

In partnership with St George’s University, the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, with more than 21,000 graduates, including physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and public health and business professionals from all over the world, is offering medical candidates in India an innovative educational pathway to practice medicine in India, the United States or the United Kingdom.

New opportunities are being opened for Indian students with a collaboration between the Ramaiah Community of Institutions and St George’s University, who will be exposed to both Eastern and Western cultures and benefit from truly global education.

The new path offers 10 + 2 students the chance to graduate with a 5-year career as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) recognized by the Indian Medical Council. Aspirants will spend their first year in Ramaiah, Bengaluru, their second year on the joint campus with SGU and Northumbria University in the UK, their third year in Grenada and their final two years in the UK and in the US.

Students entering this pathway will be awarded three prestigious qualifications: A Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree awarded by SGU on successfully completing the final year, a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, from Northumbria University on successfully completing their third year, and a Certificate in Higher Education in Medical Sciences from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences on finishing their first year.

The new direction offers a tremendous opportunity for prospective physicians to pursue an international medical profession and begin their MD studies in September 2020.

Ramaiah, based in Bengaluru, would encourage candidates to begin their journey closer to becoming a health practitioner in an acquainted atmosphere in which they can develop good relationships with other students in their cohort before going jointly abroad as a near-knit institution during the second 12 months.

In order to promote the transfer of applicants to study abroad, SGU will offer some of the guest lectures at Ramaiah in the first 12 months.

These institutions have medical schools established over 40 years ago and have an outstanding medical education record.

In India, Ramaiah is one of the top 20 medical schools, while the SGU is the world’s largest licensed physician provider in the United States.

In 2020, SGU has placed 1,105 students in US and Canadian residences, and its +17,000 MD students work in over 50 countries worldwide.

STU offers Indian students a real chance to practice medicine in the U.S. and has a reputation as a place to study among international students with a 96% first USMLE stage 1 pass rate and a 91% matching rate for International students (based on 2019 data).

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