Resigning Teachers Paving Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in Education

In the wake of the pandemic, teacher turnover rates have surged to unprecedented levels. According to USA Today, turnover in the 2021-22 school year stood at 10%, escalating to 16% nationally for the 2022-23 academic year.

Of particular concern is the turnover rate among elementary teachers, which is 37% higher than the average across all levels.

While this trend is alarming, it also presents opportunities for recent education graduates to enter the workforce. Two young women who recently graduated from Minot State University seized such opportunities by securing positions in the field of education in Minot shortly after completing their degrees.

Hailey Mirano, an education major, has taken on both part-time childcare work and full-time substitute teaching in her first semester post-graduation. Reflecting on her transition from student to teacher, Mirano acknowledges the stark differences and challenges she faces, especially regarding behavioural issues among students.

Similarly, Sophie Cronin, also a recent graduate of Minot State University and a student-athlete, shares Mirano’s sentiments. Despite being younger and smaller than some of her colleagues, Cronin has encountered difficulties asserting her authority in the classroom as a new hire fresh out of college.

Both Mirano and Cronin have realized early in their careers the importance of setting boundaries with both fellow educators and students from different generations. They recognize the need to navigate these dynamics while maintaining authority and respect in the classroom.

Despite the hurdles they’ve encountered, both women remain committed to a future in education. Cronin aspires to become a physical education teacher before eventually transitioning into administration, driven by the profound impact educators can have on students’ lives.

For Mirano, the most rewarding aspect of being an educator lies in witnessing the growth and transformation of her students. Despite the challenges, she finds fulfillment in seeing students grasp new concepts and witnessing the joy of learning firsthand.

Ultimately, both Mirano and Cronin envision long and fulfilling careers in education, driven by their passion for working with children and making a positive difference in their lives.

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