REVA University: Providing a Learner-Centric Environment through Innovative Pedagogy and Education Reforms
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To become an innovative university by developing excellent human resources with leadership qualities, ethical and moral values, research culture and marked skills through higher education of global standards

The motto “Knowledge is Power” is what drives REVA, a university in Bengaluru, established under the Reva University ACT, 2012. Instituted on a sprawling green campus and spread across 45 acres of land alongside state-of-the-art infrastructure, it sets up an environment conducive to higher learning and research. Developed with a philanthropic vision and a missionary zeal, the founders built the campus to transform students into outstanding citizens.

Accredited with BSCIC Certificate, the University offers full-time Post Graduate, part-time Post Graduate, Under Graduate and several Certificates/Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Legal Studies, Arts & Humanities, and Performing Arts. Additionally, the University facilitates research leading to Doctoral Degrees in all disciplines. The programs offered at REVA University are well planned and designed on in-depth analysis and research with emphasis on knowledge assimilation, practical applications, hands-on training, global and industrial relevance, and their social significance.

The Suitable Infrastructure

REVA’s campus is green with all exercises guided towards conservation of resources and energy. The entire campus has CCTV surveillance for the safety of the students. Classrooms are digital with projectors to preserve paper and notes & assignments are distributed with students using Moodle. REVA has smart classrooms and digital studios for documenting and reporting. This aids in recording faculty lectures for students in the University’s adopted villages to listen and learn. It also serves the service of SMS alerts to parents concerning attendance of students and important notices. Overall, the university includes an efficient ERP system in place and digitizes all its efforts and processes.

An Erudite Leader

As a philanthropic gesture of giving back to society what you earn from it, Dr. P. Shyama Raju founded the REVA Group of Educational Institutions under Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust. It was the dream of his late wife Mrs. Rukmini Shyama Raju that he forayed into the field of education and set up state-of-the-art educational institutions. She believed in academics as the forerunner of everything important in life and articulated her desire to Dr. Raju, who honored her wish and mastered the complex aspects of academic administration. Within a decade’s time, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, conferred him with a Doctorate.

After the formation of the group, it moved into the highest realm of education with the Karnataka Government inviting the Trust to start REVA University in Bangalore. REVA started being recognized as a paramount institution from the very time of its birth and was associated with imparting quality education in the field of technical studies even at its budding stages.

A Robust Curriculum

REVA University has well-thought procedures in place to design a new curriculum, revise it and amend the existing curriculum. Within the University framework, every school has a Board of Studies (BoS). Academic Council and BoS members ensure that the curriculum has relevance to the local/regional/national/global developmental needs.

It has adopted Outcome-Based Education (OBE). Mandatory courses like Value Education, Environmental Studies, NSS, NCC and YOGA (RULO: REVA University Unique Learning Offerings) inculcate in the minds of students the needs of society and enable them to have a comprehensive outlook on life and lead to the holistic development of their character and personality.

University has encouraged each school to start Research Centres to widen access to higher education. At REVA University, students from across the globe are enrolled every academic cycle making it mandatory to ensure that REVA EET for Engineering students, REVA MAT for Management Students and REVA CLAT for Legal Studies are conducted every year apart from enrolling students from CET/ComedK/PGCET/CLAT/NATA and other admission tests.

Beyond Traditional Teachings

From dance to drama, music to performances, arts to crafts, sports to yoga, the university gives importance to all co-curricular endeavors. REVA students demonstrate their talent in inter-college sports tournaments or volunteer for fest related activities.

REVA absorbs students in actions and interactions that warrants interface with the industry. Seminars, industry visits, invited experts’ talks, an international symposium, internships, on the ground, live projects, and connected participatory happenings offer them an opportunity for communication. The university pushes its students to engage in numerous co-curricular activities on campus to build student communities. With many clubs, such as Literary Club, Sports Club, Science Club, Eco Club, Dance, and Drama Club, Quiz Club; hence, students are left with diverse choice.

The university organizes Social Outreach Programs at regular intervals. These programs prompt budding engineers to innovate and develop products that can prove beneficial to the community. From trips to old age homes to planting trees, these social outreach programs strive to resolve pressing social disputes of the society and provide students with a platform to move beyond books and obtain a more experiential exposure.

Global Reach

The International Center at REVA provides the best program in collaboration with top-league International Universities to ensure students get the right cultural environment and learning at these Universities.

The long list of collaboration includes; RWTH Aachen University; IQS School of Management – Universitat Ramon LLull; University of California, Riverside; Florida International University; Management Development Institute of Singapore; Universal College of Learning, New Zealand; ETSAB, Barcelona; Arkansas State University; The University of Alabama; University of Central Oklahoma; Oklahoma State University; Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology and many more.

The list of industry collaboration; Seventh Sense People Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd; Biozeen – Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd; CII; National Entrepreneur Network (NEN); Electronics Sector Skill Council India (ESSCI); Finnish Russian University Corporation Telecommunication, Finland (FRUST); Arthavidya; EMC; Oracle Academy – Work force development program; SAP; Intel, FICE; VMware IT Academy.

Ample of Opportunities

There is no doubt that carrying an under graduate or post graduate degree will open gates to the world of employment opportunities. However, graduates need to know that today’s managers are considering much more than just a degree. Employers are seeking for individuals who rise out from the pack. They want graduates who have real-life skills and improved soft skills that they can relate to their organizations. Therefore, to contend, students will have to acquire skills and experience during their studies. REVA has provided primary attention to equipping students with these skills and practical experience through a variety of training. This empowers them not only to compete effectively and successfully but also to secure a valuable job by the time they complete their studies.

Teachings for Tomorrow

The university is concentrating on strengthening the education system, through organized efforts with the industry. Industry exposure has become indispensable to a great career. Hence, REVA stands apart with the amount and nature of industry work that scholars participate in.

For the university, leading forward also means moving towards a better, less complicated and simpler future. REVA is preparing its students not only in finding the right answers that will have a global impact through their specific subject expertise but also in asking the right questions. The university is working hand in hand with globalization, digitization, and innovative transformation and is including it in everyday interaction, generating discourse.

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