Rocket Sky: Redefining the Standards of Animation Studies 
Rocket Sky: Redefining the Standards of Animation Studies 

The discipline of animation is recognized as one of the most exciting fields to study and work, for those who possess a knack for creative imagination and a passion for new technologies. Whether one envisions to create web animation, work for the world’s biggest blockbusters, or outstanding television series, the foundation one receives will open doors of numerous opportunities.

As such, the responsibility for quality education befalls on the shoulders of the animation schools. They must complement the creativity of individuals and strive to deliver the best of knowledge. While there are several animation institutes providing quality education, seldom are any founded on the principle, ‘How can we create the greatest animation school in the world?’

With this same significant question, an erudite personality and the head instructor, Mr. Garth Drake, brought Rocket Sky to life. His experience in producing and teaching, helped him to build a school that understands the quality of education students must receive. As such, he set out his quest to build the best animation school in the industry.

What makes Rocket Sky unique is its offerings. While the other animation institutes are quite saturated with 3D Generalist programs, where students learn a little bit of everything, Rocket Sky offers specialization in Character Animation. This specialization is the primary reason, where only 6-8% of people who take a 3D program around the world ever end up working in the industry and Rocket Sky’s graduates enjoy 97% success as professional animators. All of that is possible because Rocket Sky specializes in attaining complete control over one aspect of the animation process.

Understanding Rocket Sky 

Rocket Sky is an online digital art school specializing in Character Animation. It leads the industry with the mission of providing the best possible online education with the atmosphere of a real, live college campus, a real-life production studio. It came to life from decades of professional and instructional experience and, at present, works as a Simulated Production Environment.

Being an online school, Rocket Sky offers students the ability to train at a full-time or part-time basis on their time and pace. A particular focus is on those students who have completed a 3D program course but were unsuccessful in gaining employment after their course completion.

Most of the students at Rocket Sky work full-time and train after hours to better their lives, and the institute complements them adequately to ensure their success. Despite being an online school, students can rest assure that the environment and communications are much like that of an in-house studio.

A Qualified Campus 

Rocket Sky can be described as the culmination of great studios around the world with its happy, positive approach to the hard work involved with mastering the most challenging art form of all. The passionate instructors engaged in the teaching process understand the importance of the right environment and leave no stones unturned in providing the same to the students.

The animation institute is quite proud to have world-class and feature film animators such as Kelsey Wagner and Chris Buckley. Their credits spread across films such as Hotel Transylvania I-III, Angry Birds, Smurfs, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Alice through the Looking Glass, Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, among others. Their dedication and contribution in instructing the advanced modules to push student’s skill levels as far as possible.

Coupling both, a robust infrastructure and erudite instructors, Rocket Sky trains students in the art of Character Animation, bringing characters to life. It’s the most difficult of all fine arts to master, and the institute’s processes and techniques, along with incredible placement rate, describe how easily it sails and shapes the waves of the animation industry.

An Elevated Learning Curve

Students at Rocket Sky can expect to be on a production team, but still, be learning through the one-on-one method. The process involves students watching highly produced tutorials, demos, and written content, and later, a project based assignment to be submitted for review. And this is the part where the simulated professional experience and the real learning begins.

Within this submission feedback-revision stage, which indeed parallels a real-life animation studio, the students receive professional feedback, just like in real production, and the process continues until it is approved. This is where professional-quality skills are honed, all while being conditioned to work in the real world. Rocket Sky’s this simple yet unique approach renders highly skilled and production ready students.

A Reliable Setup 

While observing, one can easily find that the student’s development stays consistent within the student population as the school focuses on individual development and the mastery of every facet of the art form. It provides the best of classes with the advantage of developing quality skills at their own pace and time.

Not only that, in the advanced stages, the school implements these skills with an actual production simulation. Consequently, this develops the highest quality skills while conditioning the students in a real-world studio environment. As a result, upon graduation, the program produces a very consistent and professional-level digital artist. The students working for over a year or two as leading animators today, moving faster than the average employees, are a testament to the fact that Rocket Sky offers an unbeatable education. Hence, due to this unique program, graduates are ready to enter the industry with confidence and be production-ready to contribute to TV, feature films, or video games.

Built for All 

Comparing the other high-end animation institutes in North America and possibly the world, Rocket Sky offers education at the most economical rates. Further, students can opt for long-term financing with the institute’s Tuition Installment Plans. It covers monthly, interest-free, equal payment plans spread across 6, 18, 24, 30, and even 36 months.

With such a plan, the school makes sure that students don’t have to think about the debt and can focus on their studies without any second doubts. It works very hard to ensure students become highly education and debt-free. Understanding the field of animation as a never-ending quest for betterment, the school provides lifetime school membership for students. Hence, graduates enjoy free modern content, refer it, submit files, and assist juniors with ease. With the belief of being a big happy family, the school has made it possible for every aspiring artist to reach the zenith of success, regardless of their financial situation.

Keyframing the Future

Mr. Drake reveals that the school has a restless year ahead with the outline focused on creating an on-campus, professional production studio. He intends to set up a crowdfunding campaign to help with these productions. For the betterment of students, the plan further entails collaborating with a team that has been developing a children’s show. And at present, the school has already begun to design, write, and develop scripts, boards, episodes, complete with professional quality models to animate.

For forthcoming years, such setup will open doors of opportunities for students to experience first-hand, a real production, and the school seems pretty excited about the upcoming years.

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