RVS IMSR: Fabricating Students for Industry with Dynamic Learning and Corporate Exposure

The institute aims at advancing the business practices by virtue of empowering managers and leaders to be thoughtful, responsible change agents in the face of a rapid change of business nature

RVS Institute of Management Studies & Research was established in 1994 at RVS CAS Campus in Sulur, Coimbatore. The prime aim of the institution is to carve an academic niche in the enterprising and advancing modern domain of Management Studies. The institute has twenty-five years of robust experience in the Management education. RVS IMSR provides an inspiring academic ambience with a leading-edge infrastructure and eco-friendly campus. The institution strives to build the careers of graduates by providing academic excellence with ample avenues for extra-curricular activities.

The RVS Approach to Management Education

Grounded in a fundamental-based understanding of how organizations function, markets work, and people make decisions, the institute’s approach to management education is beyond the standard classroom. Its updated curriculum prepares students with a distinct way of learning and progression in the competitive business world. The institute’s vision is to create learned management professionals who has the ability to see connections that surpass accepted wisdom and thereby empower them to have a greater impact.

The Deeply Impactful Leader

Dr K. Senthil Ganesh is the Managing Trustee of RVS IMSR. He has vast international exposure in education and professional work and is the beacon light of RVS Group of Institutions.

Sharing the credibility of the institution, he asserts, “RVSIMSR enables students to acquire techno-managerial skills, communication skills, self-directed learning skills and the ability to integrate ideas & concepts

Under his guidance, the institution is making rapid strides of progress and is bound to scale new heights. Endowed with the academic acumen, administrative abilities and worthy leadership traits, he is well recognized and admired in the company of educational intelligentsia. His profound passion for the nourishment of quality in the curriculum has earned him a reputation among the stakeholders. He consistently strives for ushering innovations in diverse disciplines in the wake of modern trends.

Innovative Curriculum

The institute offers specializations in MBA in Applied Finance, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Logistics & Supply Chain Management. As RVS IMSR is an autonomous institution, it has the flexibility of designing its own curriculum. The institute believes in a live curriculum wired around the industry. Its extensive business networking fosters practical application of the storing fundamentals.

The institute’s MBA curriculum takes students from solid foundations into the functional domains of interested areas. After intensive instructions in domains, students move on to the next league i.e. strategic thinking and leading. Consequently, students transform into skilled, new-age management professionals.

Specialized MBA in Applied Finance

The curriculum adopted by the institutions has all the fundamental concepts of finance from previous decades. As industry demands evolve frequently, the institutes revised its curriculum. Therefore, the institute set out to make financial MBA specializations an applied one.

Choosing the Right Industry to Collaborate: The institution is choosing the right industry collaborations to deliver meaningful value to the students. The institute formed an industry partnership with a financial, education company called FinShiksha. Peeyush Chitlangia, an IIM Calcutta Alumni, founded FinShiksha and co-developed the curriculum with RVS IMSR for applied finance courses.

Course Delivery: With industry partnership, Peeyush also got involved in the content development and in its delivery alongside faculty development. He teaches in innovative block-teaching method to the students. Live projects with mandatory internships and case studies accompany course delivery.

Institute Faculty: Faculty is the crucial link ensuring a high quality and updated curriculum. The institute has heavily invested in developing its competence. Faculties are challenged to adapt to the rapid changes. Instructors hold world-class FPD programs and they visit other institutes to strengthen their financial foundations’ understanding. Multiple international certifications of repute speak volume about the commitment and hard work of these mentors.

Mitigating the Education Challenge – with Active Industry Collaboration

As the institute provides current and hands-on MBA experience to graduates, it realises that challenges can be mitigated by developing active collaboration with the industry. These associations have the fundamentals of business and foundational understanding of the underlying technologies.

The institute has devised the solutions to mitigate the challenges to provide quality and meaningful education. The school is establishing the right industry collaborations. The current curriculum of the institute is clearly articulating the future industry needs. RVS IMSR is developing rightful pedagogy and is delivering the right balance of technology in its education.

Words of Trust

“My dual specialization in Marketing and Finance made me multi-skilled. My time at RVS IMSR shaped me into a product that corporates found readily employable. Each session and lesson obtained from IMSR is of tremendous help in my life.”

-Majo Daniel, Finance Executive – AZ Logistics, Dubai

 “My academic exposure and internship experiences have been extremely rewarding and exciting. Today I am well placed in a globally acclaimed organization, thanks to the rigorous Skill-Based Curriculum & Labs I was exposed to.”

-Vishak Prabu, Senior Analyst, PWC

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