LEAD College of Management: A Step towards Building a Better Tomorrow

The institute focuses its aim on making sure that the education system within the country is given enough nurturing and focuses on the students’ learning aspect rather than grades. It ensures that the students are preparing for business challenges on a global scale. LEAD in short, transforms the students in two years.

The learning process at the LEAD College of Management is purely driven by rigorous practice and the necessity to make sure that the students become more familiar in the field. The concepts and skills that are essential in the industry today give them a chance to have a perspective on these topics as enterprise leaders. The fact that the institution has faculties across diverse industry backgrounds apart from academic credentials is an added factor which is beneficial in the academic process for students. This ensures that the learning for the students is more focused for Life than passing simply the examinations.

Additionally, the institute is known for its excellent experience in the various domains since 2011 and this is enough to speak about the multiple triumphs that it has had. Top management institutes have sent their faculties to LEAD to impart their immense knowledge in Management Development Programs and Faculty Development Programs.

Situated in the foothills of the Dhoni mountain range, LEAD an acronym for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy has one of the perks in the tranquil environment surrounded by green foliage. A multicultural crowd of students adds to the exchange of knowledge from every corner of the world. This medley of people also ensures that the students experience the world. The students are encouraged to involve in case studies which urge them to question things and indulge in a healthy discussion with fellow classmates.

Segments of Erudition in LEAD

LEAD primarily provides MBA courses that have the approval of the AICTE and is affiliated to the University of Calicut accredited by NAAC; the state-of-the-art institute.The institute also offers a myriad of specialization courses in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, International Business, and Systems. The institute also ensures that the students are at their maximum brain functioning capacity and the timings are molded according to this. Apart from this, the students also have the facility to learn various foreign languages as a part of their curriculum.

Another unique opportunity that the university provides is the chance to earn while learning. This is done through various business activities like share trading, marketing, conducting events and so on. ‘Turning Point’ is one of the value added courses in LEAD that eventually works as a turning point in many aspirants’ lives.

LEAD also provides the students the opportunity to work on publishing an in house journal “LEADER”. The journal has a reach of more than thousand copies among researchers, corporates and other such contemporary institutions and well appreciated in the academic world.

A Chairman with a Noble Purpose

Dr. Thomas George of LEAD College of Management is a dedicated Founder with a goal to make sure that the students’ talent, passion and competence are combined to help them learn to instill managerial capabilities in them. He is an engineer and psychologist turned educational entrepreneur or edupreneur   whose one aim is that his students have a dynamic environment to learn in. With his decades worth experience in soft skills training, Dr. Thomas George finds himself leaning towards an avant garde andragogy.

In his words Dr. Thomas says “To create a masterpiece, the sculptor requires the synchronization of his thoughts and his skills. Our long-term vision is in crafting the outgoing students with social relevance to demonstrate competence and leadership”

Accolades for Extraordinary Efforts

LEAD has been appreciated by a multitude of state and national level agencies. The international agency PricewaterhouseCoopers named LEAD as the sixth emerging business schools in India. Closer home, various popular Indian journals and magazines have also given LEAD the honor of being featured.LEAD has been Placed 5th by Higher Education Review among institutes providing industry exposures and 49th position in All India Ranking of Business Schools by Business India (Dec 2017). The academy was also recognized by a leading newspaper and publication from Mumbai. The coveted award entitled “EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD” for LEAD College of Management was received by the Chairman, Dr. Thomas George during the 9th DNA Innovative Education Awards 2017.

Future Endeavors for the growth of LEAD

LEAD Institute of Management is now looking towards having a separate batch exclusively for engineering graduates from the academic year 2018 – 19.  The engineering students will constitute one class where they will be given exclusive training which will give them the means to find enhanced recruitments in IT and ITES companies within India and internationally as well.

LEAD has strategically started aligned with Kochi Business School, Cochin (also called Marthoma School of Management Studies) to accelerate new initiatives and excel in its endeavors from the year 2018-19.

LEAD contemplates to secure accreditation from NBA, ACBSP, AACSB and AMBA in the ensuing years soon.

“Words of Trust”

“Before entering the corporate world, LEAD life has shown what it will be. Was able to grab and hold many attributes in the pocket. Thanks to the lifestyle, culture and corporate relationship programmes of LEAD.”

-Vishnu K T – Idea point coordinator, Idea cellular ltd.

“The two years at LEAD is about transformation. It not only imparts knowledge, but reinforces in us the spirit of creative action. One is repeatedly confronted by hard questions and challenges which have no easy answers and a deep reflection ensues. We suddenly discover that we are capable of so much more than we had given ourselves to believe.”

– Nithin Ghosh- Manager with Unilever Limited


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